Gun safes for storing jewelry & handbags

  1. Do any of you use large gun safes for storing your jewelry, handbags, anything else other than guns?

    Any brand you recommend? IE - Sentry, Patriot.

    I don't see the sense in a small safe box when a theif can pick it up and carry it away. With the large/tall ones they can't budge.
  2. u can get a small one and set it in cement (in you garage or basement) or even better have it bolted down also, which is what we did. i cant tell you my brand because i don't know so far it has held up. however if you understand safes you will know how to reset digital keypad and you can open it, this i would guess takes some time (i think it is designed that way) so that woudl be the safest bet.
  3. That's a good idea. I hadn't considered that.
  4. I have a small sentry lockbox that I keep the Social Security cards, a copy of our marriage license and our birth cert's in that's hidden in a bizarre location of our house. When we are going out of town I put any jewelry and important items in that and usually deliver it to a friend or family member for safekeeping while we're gone bec other than our new TV, we have no reason for anyone to break in other than that box. :smile:
  5. before buying a safe check with your insurance company what standards they require in order to give you full coverage.
  6. ^What do you mean? The size, security of it?
  7. safes have different security levels . insurance company usually advise you in what to get and what else they need (alarm system etc) in order to insure your valuables (jewellery, cash etc)and for me personally insurance is more important then a safe (even though it goes hand in hand but i would rather have only insurance than only a safe kwim?)
  8. My aunt does. Not sure which brand hers is though.
  9. Well, um, I use gun safes for storing guns, but Costco (yeah, I love Costco.. if they sold a Costco husband, I'd buy one) has some pretty good prices for locking huge file cabinets, which work very well for purses. For jewelry, I bolt smaller safes into my cabinets - those can usually run about $50-$100 at Costco.