Gun Metal bag/cosmetic case - 169?

  1. Hi Girls... DH and I actually stumbled across this last night. I hope it's not a mistake. I ordered it just now and got a confirmation. I figured it would be a good going out or everyday bag. For some reason, it's 169 on just the Travel section but the other sections, it's full price.
  2. Sweet deal! I'm going to see if they honor the price...
  3. I will say this again. I wish I lived in the US...
  4. Congrats MssMelanie!!!!
  5. Wow awesome deal!:tup:
  6. The same thing happened to me with a mini flap french wallet. They had the silver color in the sale section and the brown color in the classic section at the sale price! Of course I ordered it, but after a couple days I got an email saying that the item was no longer available. So I didnt get it. I hope you get yours!
  7. Congrats to you if you got this great deal!
  8. Woo-hoo! I just got a shipment confirmation! You know, I've noticed that at times, Sak's, Gucci and Neiman's (like Leslie said) will sometimes not show an item on sale but if you click on it the regular section, it will show another color of that same item as a sale price. This is the 2nd time I've been able to get a deal like this... So don't forget to check non sale items for different colors to be marked down. I'll post pics when I get it!
  9. here here kavnadoo - $169 sounds too good to be true.... we can not even buy Guess over here for that price!!! Congrats X
  10. what a great deal, definitely post pics when u get it.. i love it.
  11. its listed $295 on the site - from the link you posted.
    Congrats on your purchase, its an awesome deal! lucky you:yahoo:
  12. tt-81 - It still shows 169.. Did you change the color do the Gunmental?
  13. omg! it's just like my Abbey.... I want this too. I think it's one of the ones I saw in the store. can't beat the price!
  14. Please post pics when you get it! I cant wait to see how it looks!