Gumball like rings!

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  1. I think these rings from Neimans are terribly fun and actually I'm thinking of getting one as a daytime w/suits sort of ring. What do you girls think?

  2. Those look fun! I work with my hands, and can only wear big rings (My engagement ring is a 4.82 carat Iolite - pretty big) when I won't bang them on something. I like the big oval topaz one on the top in your picture. Really, they are all lovely! Thanks for posting this.
  3. ooooh pretty! i like the emerald cut citrine looking one in the middle.

    they'd be so chic with suits! :yes:
  4. very fun!
  5. I love it... Cocktail rings are sooo fun!!
  6. Much it!
  7. I love 'em...they're fun! I had a 54ct emerald cut Swiss Blue Topaz set a couple of years ago for "play". :yes:
  8. I love cocktail rings! They are so popular now so you'll have a wide variety to choose from. I just bought one from David Yurman's ice collection. I love wearing it. It's an amythest split shank ring. Let us know which one you decide to get.
  9. favorite is the large smokey quartz and the smaller red agate looking one by it. :smile:
  10. I love the look of these! Especially the Emerald cut ones.
  11. LOVE big rings!!
  12. Those are so cool! love them!
  13. Those are so nice! I love big bling!
  14. SOOO FUN!!! Love them!
  15. I have so many big rings. They are so much fun. Go for it. :idea:
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