Gum on My Lovely Clutch

  1. So last night out for my friend's bday at a loungey type of place in NYC I set my mbmj lovely clutch down on a couch where my friends were sitting to get up and dance and when I went back to it there was a huge hunk of gum on it. :crybaby:God made mints for a reason. People have no class, UGH. Anyway a cute guy I met got most of it off for me but there's still some on. Ladies how do I get it off??!! I am so upset. TIA!
  2. Sorry this happened. Did you try rubbing it over with ice? HTH
  3. How about that canned air spray used for cleaning electronics? I just read somewhere that if you spray it on a stain, it freezes the gunk and you can get it off easily after that. I think I read it in LUCKY this month.
  4. Nope I haven't tried anything yet because I'm scared of ruining it, so I came to consult with my MJ girls first.
  5. That is a GREAT suggestion.
  6. aww im sorry. yeah that canned air stuff is a good idea. it gets super super super cold and might freeze that gum so you can crack it off.
  7. oh, a agree on the canned air! i was going to suggest putting it the freezer in a zip lock bag to freeze the gum so it just pops off but the canned air is easier/faster...
  8. Thanks for the suggestions ladies!! :heart:
  9. Let us know the results!
  10. Aw! I cringed when I read the subject title! I also came in to suggest freezing the gum with either ice/freezer or canned air. Good luck and let us know!
  11. I just read about the canned air trick too! I'd give it a go and see what happens!