GULP! translation: Bought Another Gauffre!

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  1. Yep, I did it...! Now I wait and see...

    Sigh. I kept looking at the "white" Gauffre Bowler again and again and again on Overstock. The freakin' price is outrageously LOW at $1,170. (including the discount) and NO TAX and $1.00 shipping...I couldn't pass it up! :crybaby:

    I really need to see if this is a WHITE white, like snow or if it's a creamy white. I LOVE creamy white but I won't do WHITE white like snow. So I'll see when she arrives if she's the right white or the wrong white. Does anyone know??? I'm so nervous! :p
    Here's the pic!

  2. I don't know but my heaven's -- haven't we all been the busy little bag nappers !! It really looks gorgeous -- hope it's the white you want !
  3. Post pics when u can! It's so decadent looking, like a piece of white chocolate!
  4. Congratulations! I saw this on the site too and thought it was a great deal! Crossing my fingers that it's what you want!
  5. I think it looks creamy white which is so much more versatile! Congrats on a great deal and fab bag!
  6. saw this IRL - definitely creamy white. hope you like it - it's a beauty !
  7. ^^ Thanks! The pic looks creamy white, but I'm not relying on this site's pic for true color. I remember seeing all of the true whites and creams at Prada but can't remember which bag came in which color...

    Alouette, yep on the pile of white chocolate! I tend to go for bags that look "edible!" Freaky, I know, but it seems to be that way for me. :yes:
  8. I was really tempted by the price of that one, too!!! But the white had me worried...look forward to seeing how you like it!!!
  9. I am looking for a guaffre in brown so i checked this Overstock site......great prices, but alas, won't post outside USA so once again hopes are dashed in Australia!
  10. Gauffre_Ivory_tiny_NMV01XP_mn.jpg
  11. Congrat's I hope that its the right color white you want when it comes.
  12. Pad, I dunno! The color on NM is the color I'd really want! The thing that worries me is that bag is listed at $2,520 on NM while the original price on Overstock is $2,480... but the measurements are the same.

    I don't remember seeing the bowler in Bright Snow White so I'm hoping it's the color on Neiman's. We'll see. I think it's going to take about a week before I get it... that's what ya get for $1.00 shipping! Hahahahaaa! :p
  13. I hope it's what you want--that bag is GORGEOUS!!! (fingers crossed!)
  14. Oh Minette, I hope it will be creamy white. =)
  15. All of us have our paws crossed for creamy white. But it is SO gorgeous. If it is snow white, couldn't you just sleep with it?