Gulp !! Justine Freaks Out @ Paparrazi !!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Reports that Cameron broke up with Justin may have been premature, as they were seen outside a Hollywood party wearing strikingly similar outfits on Monday night. Something must be up if Timberlake is lashing out at the paparrazi like this, though. Why would he freak out unless he doesn’t want to be photographed with Cameron?
  2. I don't think him freaking out has anything to do w/ whether he wants to be photographed w/ Cam or not.
    I guess he gets tired of not having any anonymity.
  3. Yeah I totally agree.
  4. i think he was jut probably annoyed or the photogrphers were saying somethign
  5. I have no doubt that the photog's were egging him on in some way...probably throwing insults his way to get his attention.
  6. He looks a little like a young Julian McMahon in these pics. Anyone else agree?
  7. He's so full of himself, I am a huge fan but he's a little Sean Penn in the making if you ask me.
  8. Im sure thats true
  9. Yikes, I think someone must have said something to him. He seems determined just to get that one person shooting those pictures.

    And Cameron looks a lot better here with her hair extensions then the other picture.
  10. Some of the things that the Paps say to get a reaction though are shocking. I know that they should not fall for it, as that is just what the photographers want, but I suppose it is easier said than done when you are getting abuse from them 24/7
  11. yikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees*
  12. I'm sure this is the case as well.
  13. The whole thing of it is, the more his picture is taken the better off he is in his career. Once the flashes stop coming your way thn you have to wonder. I guess it is a double edged sword.
  14. hummm! I thought they broke up? Maybe Cam was stalking him and he got mad? Just kidding. She looks cute with the new hair. She kinda looks like Courtney Cox. Justin looks dumb!