*gulp* i love it. double cream/cream patent MAM, baby.

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
    my double cream/cream patent mam came in the mail today, and man oh man is it ever adorable. i was kind of worried that it would be too "mini", since i usually go for oversized satchels, but it's actually a good size with nice proportions.


    i love how the subtle gold hardware looks against the creamy leather. so chic.[​IMG]

    i had made a "custom" purse organizer for my LV speedy, and found that it also fits in a mam perfectly. (not the cutest fabric, but i had a burst of craftiness at one in the morning and used what i had on hand.)[​IMG]

    and here's everything all laid out. keeping my mam company is one of my handmade plushies. i make them for friends as gifts and occasionally to sell. he is hand stiched, and a very cool guy, as you can see.[​IMG]

    lovely little details. even the little studs have the "RM" logo.[​IMG]

    the end! hope you all enjoyed my little mam photoshoot.[​IMG]
    I am debating whether or not I should get this bag for myself. Gosh, your pictures make it oh so tempting!
    Love that cute doll you included in your photos.
  3. ohhhh lord have mercy its beautiful!
    i :heart: your pics, lalalalove :yes:
  4. O.M.G!!!!!
    I love it! And I agree with Madbrinks: your pictures are incredible.
    And your hand-stitched little green guy is hysterical!
    You need to post the last pic in the general handbags section "Handbags as Art" thread! It's a fabulous picture!

    Oh, yeah, BTW: welcome to the obsession which is RM....
    It can be painful... (To your bank account....LOL!)
  5. aww your little green guy is too adorable! but more importantly, your purse is super gorgeous!!!! :drool: i'm so glad you like it :smile: it makes me wish i never returned mine!! hehe.

    you could totally make some good money with those custom purse organizers. the most i do is sew together holes in my boyfriend's clothes haha. and i must say i do a pretty shoddy job.
  6. thanks for the nice comments, gals! i like taking photos and this was a fun little project.

    cooper1, your boston is so adorable. i was originally going to take the pictures of my bag next to my dog, but decided that it was too much trouble. (for me and the dog, who was napping soundly.) hence the stand-in.

    i can see why so many of you have multiple RM bags now. something about these bags brings out the completist in you and suddenly you MUST collect all the different colors. any sample sales or half off online deals coming up in the near future?
  7. ^^Well said lala! RM does bring the completist out in you! It's the only brand that makes me want to "get one in every color!"

    I love your little plushie! The "eyeball" picture with the MAM literally made me laugh out loud!

    Your MAM is so gorgeous. So creamy and soft. Reminds me of soft serve ice cream...Very beautiful. How about a shot of it's naughty little patent bottom (include plushie!)
  8. I remember reading somewhere that RM usually has 2 sample sales per year. One after Feb. and one during the holidays. I could have read it from a completely unreliable source, though...

    If it is true, we don't have very long to start saving up!!!
  9. How cute is your 'lil green guy and your fabulous organizer?!? You are so creative, not to mention crafty! And your bag is lovely (of course).
  10. Beautiful purse!
  11. GORGEOUS bag & your handmade plushie is so CUTE!!!
  12. Gorgeous! I'm usually inclined to stay away from cream/white bags, but this one makes a girl think twice...
  13. First off I want to say, I LOVE YOUR HAND MADE PURSE ORGANIZER! For a second I was like "is that a new lining"?

    Lovely bag :smile: NEver looked better!!!!

  14. lala, the bag is gorgeous, and you are so creative. I'd love to be able to make things the way you do. The plushie is adorable and badass at the same time.
  15. Gorgouse bag - like butta!!! Congrats!