Gulp...I just put my name down for a Fall 06 Chanel

  1. I went to the Chanel boutique in San Francisco to check out the sale (didn't find anything...dang!). I looked through their FW06/07 book and I put my name down for the clutch and the flap bag from the Mademoiselle line (with the vertical quilting) in red. I have to look at them both in person and choose only one unless someone wants to buy me a new Chanel. And even though the flap costs twice as much as the clutch, I'm leaning toward the flap. The clutch is in the lower $800s and I think the flap is $1650. I was told the SF boutique will get three clutches and flaps each in red.

    It seems like there aren't very many fans of the Mademoiselle line here, but that's my favorite Chanel style right now. In the fall, they'll have the clutch, a flap bag, a camera bag, and a tote. The colors will be black, red (they call it "coral"), and chocolate (maybe several kinds of brown? not sure...). They changed the chain from last year's Mademoiselle bags which was a flat chain with leather. Now, the chain is more ornate and delicate-looking with no leather woven through it. The tote now has a zip closure, CC logo microfiber interior, and a leather bottom with feet instead of the clear vinyl bottom with the huge CHANEL on the bottom from last year's tote.

    I wish I could have their look book so I can study it. I flipped through the handbag section, but only looked at the Mademoiselle page carefully. There is also a long clutch in white quilted leather that caught my eye as well. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing all the styles in person.
  2. Wow :nuts: Red is such a hot color! I can't wait to see pics of the one you choose. You'll definitely know which bag is right for you when you see it. Congrats!
  3. Any pics of the Mademoiselle line?
  4. I love the Mademoiselle flap bag too! The lining is so cute....and the chain is really nice. I'm still thinking about getting one :biggrin: . I thought the flap was $1595? But then again I was at Neimans at the trunk show, maybe the pricing is different?
  5. The price I was quoted at the Chanel boutique was definitely over $1600. But I think in some cases, NM ends up charging a bit less than the freestanding Chanel store.

    I only saw the pics in the look book at the store. I don't know if they're online yet, and I don't want to check the Chanel site because it's soooooo frustrating to use. As of few days ago, the newest stuff on the site was from the cruise collection.
  6. I guess pricing is differentat the Neimans store....I can't wait for you to get the Mademoiselle flap, it's got that great lining with camellias (I can't remember what else was on there) and a pocket for a cell phone, which I think is great! It'll be easier to put your stuff in the bag because you won't be scratching the leather like in a classic flap.

    I just went to the Chanel website, am I the only one who hates this website? It's so frustrating to navigate and too much flash in it I want to scream! :censor: :censor: :censor:
  7. Chanel website is the worst. Every time a SA tells me to look on there for info, I tell him/her it's worthless.
  8. Please tell me is the flap bag very small or a medium size?I am very interested in the mademoiselle line.
  9. Just came back from NM SF and the Fall Bags are SOOOOOOOOOO B-I-G! They have a lot of the Cambon Pink on sale if anyone's still interested.
  10. I'm not sure exactly what size...but it is definitely not too big. You should call the Chanel toll free number, or better yet, call your nearest boutique to get a description and have them call you when the bags come in. The SA told me that the arrival of the Mademoiselle bags is imminent and she could end up getting a few sometime this month! Last year, some of the styles sold out rather quickly so I'm not taking any chances.
  11. I'd love to see pics of the mademoiselle line too.
  12. I would love to see pics of the tote. I think Chanel is definatley going to be my next bag purchase.
  13. I think the mademoiselle flap bag size is probably the classic medium size, possibly even the large.

    I agree with GTOFan, the bags were HUGE!!! I couldn't believe how big everything was...I guess oversized is in? I think I'll have to stick with the shoulder tote and the medium cambon tote, anything bigger would totally overwhelm me. Even the luxury line bronze bag was really big.
  14. I saw the fall collection as well at NM & the bags were BIG and not too much Luxe Line. There was just the bronze bag. Did any of you pre-order one? I didn't see anything that I had to have & I am going to Vegas in August so I figured I would wait.
  15. Oh snap. Speaking of big big bags, I forgot to ask about the huge patent leather sack that was in the FW runway show.