Gullible Girl Is Angry

  1. I tend always to think people are going to do the right thing, and although I am not dealing with a purse issue right now, I am dealing with another authentication issue. The seller is a con artist and inevitably, I ended up feeling like I did something wrong. The only thing I did wrong was not be alert enough in the first place. So frustrating. Even when people are conning me, I somehow hold myself to blame. Sorry. I just had to get this off my chest because I think the whole designer fake/counterfeit thing is just heinous. The slogan for eBay should definitely be, "If it looks too good to be true, IT IS." Sigh. . .Have I learned my lesson? I may stopping buying stuff for myself. Excuse the anger fest/pity party.:tdown:
  2. Don't feel bad. THEY should feel bad, but they don't. there are so many fake bags on eBay that even though I have gotten much better at discerning the real from the fake, I still ask for help here.

    Personally I want to strangle all the jerks who list their fakes who say "this bag is 100% authentic and I got it as a gift and I just dont like it blah blah blah", "authenticated by fendi" or some other garbage. I wouldnt necessarily stop buying on eBay, I would just make sure you get authentication here before buying.

    May I ask what this seller is doing to you?
  3. It is actually not a bag. In general, the company that made the jewelry is saying it is not authentic. The seller keeps giving me new steps to take. I just want my money back, but it has been a little long between buying and now. Every time I say one thing, the seller counters with something else. I am still trying to handle it.
  4. dont feel bad you learned your lesson besides they can show you a real one and send you a fake one it happens all the time you just have to think if you want to risk it next time.
  5. Sorry this is happening to you...

    I think this belongs in the ebay thread as it has nothing to do w/ Fendi...
  6. Sorry. Maybe it does belong in the ebay thread, but I am a Fendi lover, and really I was just looking for a little support from the Fendi crew. : )