Books & Music Guitar Thread!


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Jul 10, 2009
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Come in all your Guitar Players, beginners, advanced, or just passionate about the Guitar!!!

I'm pretty (well really) new to playing the acoustic guitar. I've always admired it, but never actually considered playing until 2 weeks ago when I bought my first. I went to a store here called "Music & Arts" and bought a Yamaha steel 6 string guitar. I got an amazing deal though, for the guitar,case,extra strings,tuner,beginner lesson CD, 3 picks, guitar strap all for $134.00! :yahoo:

My BF has played Guitar for as long as he can remember, he taught himself and he plays both acoustic and electric, I'll stick with acoustic for now. I've been doing a lot of practicing and my finger tips are a killer pain at the end lol. I know TPF has to have some other beginners out there as well so get in here!

I've been all over the internet looking for lessons and so far I've found only 1 site that's been a huge help for me:
Highly reccomend it to any one.

*So in here let's share our stories of how we came to play the guitar, and tips or tricks you've picked up over the years you'd like to share with a newbie like me :smile: and some one your favorite songs to play. For me at the moment I'm still learning chords, but I'm also focusing on "Our Song" by Taylor Swift. Oh yeah! Also post any video's of yourself playing the guitar here as well. My mom has made me promise her to have "More Than Words" by Extreme learned by May for her Birthday, we'll see how well that goes.

So here is my guitar:


Jan 1, 2008
Congrats on the new guitar. Keep up the good work. It does hurt at first, but it's so worth it!

I just started playing bass last year and use tablature. I have a Fender Electric American Jazz Bass, a Dean acoustic and a Spector electric. My hubby is a long time player and collector. Apparently he thinks I need more basses. I told him's more Purses. lol

Here's a site I love if you are looking for tablature. They list degree of difficulty, so there is something for every level:

Here's are sites that list some really easy songs to play with instruction:

Musicians Friend has a lot of books for beginners:

You could probably find books cheaper on Amazon.