Guitar hero III, which platform is best??

  1. so we have a wii and an xbox 360. I want to get Guitar Hero III, which system should I get it for??

    also is it hard? I have two boys, ages 4 and 6 (7 in a couple weeks).

    Opinions welcomed please!!
  2. from what i've read, the xbox 360 version would be better of the two. with the wii version, you have to stick the remote into the guitar. so that may be a bit tiring cause of the weight.

    there is also a bit of a learning curve to it, but there is training mode where you can slow down the song speed so you can get adjusted to the game play.

    lastly, if you intend to get rock band, at the moment the GH3 les paul guitar can be used in rock band.
  3. I think you should get it for the 360. I have a Wii only and if I had a 360, I would have gotten it for that because of the online capabilities. If you don't care about online this or that, I would still recommend the 360 because it's easier to play on than the Wii. (I've played both at friends and Best Buy :p)

    The wiimote into the guitar isn't really that heavy since that's the very thing that runs your guitar. In general, the guitar will be heavy, but the kids can always sit down.

    If your boys are avid gamers, the game shouldn't be that bad. I'm sure they'll learn it in no time even with their little fingers trying to hit the orange button! Like caley said, there is a training mode so the kids can practice the songs if needed.

    I'd also recommend getting the other two Guitar Hero games. It's super fun!
  4. I would get it for xbox 360. My 8 year old daughter does struggle with it though, her little hands are not quite big enough to hit all the buttons. We play together she strums and I hit the buttons.