Guitar Hero 3

  1. My husband wants it for christmas...but I have no idea what i'm buying. I need a console, but what kind? Then are there different types of guitar hero 3's to go along with the console? Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm so lost.
  2. If he is asking for this, he should have a console to run it on. You just need to make sure you buy the one appropriate for the console he has. You can get it for Wii, playstation and xbox. Oh and I see you can get it for PC. Game with guitar controller will run you $80, the game itself is $50/$60.

    Hope that helps. :smile:
  3. maybe you should ask your husband what kind of console he would want? I gave my brother guitar hero 2 for Christmas last year, it's fun! :smile:
  4. Ask your husband what other types of games he would be interested in buying. If he is into Halo, definitely buy an Xbox 360 so he can play Halo 3. (Halo 3 is only available for Xbox 360s) If he doesn't have any game preferences I suggest buying a Wii. One of the cheapest consoles, you can play Guitar Hero III on it and it has great technology. Wii sports is fun :smile:
  5. GH 3 is awesome...I have it for my Wii...the only wireless one out there...and it is the best.

    should he not have a console to play it on, my rec. is for the Wii! :yes:
  6. even my kids like to rock out! guitar hero is great fun. but a big investment if he doesn't already have a system to play it on. but, maybe that is his strategy. If you haven't yet picked up a console, try Rock Band on PS3, it lets you do drums and sing, in addition to the guitar... looks great to me.
  7. i :heart: this game! just started playing, (i'm a total n00b still) but it's so fun! get the wii version if he doesn't have a console yet. it's the wireless version on the market, but the only downside is that they dont have a separate guitar for another player sold separately yet. it comes with the guitar & game for now. he can certainly play by himself for the time being. lol. i'm sure he'll have no problem with that.

    i also second, thatbaglady. Rock Band on the PS3 is a really fun game! people get to be singers, drummers, etc!
  8. we really got into GH3 (as the kids say) this weekend. it was a blast. I played some Pat Benetar and actually got all the way through the song. for those that don't know, if you mess up too much, they boo you off the stage!!
  9. like the others have said, it depends on what kind of games he'll play in the future.

    also, with rock band, as of now only the xbox360 version allows for the guitar hero 3 (les paul) guitar to be used in rock band. you can't use the rock band guitar in GH3. right now there's a patch in the works for PS3 that supposedly allows the GH3 les paul to be used in rock band. so if rock band is in the future, right now the xbox360 would be the best choice.
  10. You can get it wireless for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

    I agree with other that the Wii would be the cheapest to get for him. But the Xbox 360 and the PS3 would have more long-term possibilities for future games for your hubby.

  11. My husband wants to get another guitar so I can play with him. I think it would be fun, but I know he would kick my ass. :roflmfao: So I'm kind of glad they haven't released a wireless extra guitar for the 360 yet!!!! :upsidedown::lol::p
  12. after watching them play on gossip girl, i want the game!
    it looks so fun!