Guinness Playing in the Snow (Pics)

  1. So it was really snowy today and I thought it would be a nice time to have my almost 1 year old boston terrier (Guinness) play!

    ***she has an underbite so sometimes her lips get stuck and her teeth show but she is much cutter than that pic :yes: ****
    and my boots next to hers!
  2. OMG I have the SAME EXACT JACKET for my Frenchie!!! :biggrin:
  3. Awww What a cutie baby!! and I like her little underbite, its endearing. :smile:
  4. i love pet co!!! i got her boots at target and they stay on better than the ones at pet co or pets mart.
  5. What kind of leash is that in the photo?
  6. Its the coach mini signature leash in khaki/gold. She has the matching collar and it all matches my Large Signature Carly (hehehe ok ok so I like to match everything!)

  7. I KNEW I recognized a Coach one! My older boys rock the Coach collars as well. :rochard:

    How does the leash seem to hold up for you? I can't use one for the big boys but I think Dozer could use some bling. :graucho:
  8. What a cutie-pie!

    She has some cool winter gear! I LOVE the little boots--I wish our dogs would wear them!
  9. What a gorgeous girl. I love Boston Terriers.:heart:
  10. the lease holds up very well and considering Guinness goes CRAZY when she goes on a walk on sees another person/dog. its soooo sturdy and i can get a really good grip on it (i can even run with her using it).

    i also have to use a harness in addition to the collar because when i walked her on a collar he kinda chokes her so i would also advise you to get a harness for your frenchie. too bad coach doesnt make a harness ( got into a long discussion with a SA about this and she has a boston and wishes coach made harnesses).
  11. I LOVE this picture!!!!!
  12. ooh, so cute :smile:!!!
  13. My big guys are rough on walks as well. So I end up using their Coach ones just for looks. I think it will end up being the same with Dozer. It's the same story at petstores - collars are always more decorative than the harnesses.:rolleyes: I just need Dozer to stop growing so I can go shopping! :sweatdrop:
  14. Cute! -

    Don't you feel awful for the BTs in the cold? I'm so glad you found booties that stay, because we have tried Mutt-Luks and a few other expensive brands, and can't get the right fit.

    I have to post pics of my Boston soon -

    <<<<< she's in the avatar pic, but that's a puppy pic!
  15. ahahaha you have matching boots. :smile: