Guinness has crooked teeth

  1. her teeth are REALLY crooked!


    i am wondering if i should get her braces.
  2. lol...thats sso cute.

    are you kidding?

  3. LOL I think you should get her a grill instead. :smile:
  4. Lol ^^^
  5. all her gaps and crookedness is endearing, i would LOVE to see her in a grill!
  6. Well, they are going this way and that, but clearly it's part of her charm! She's precious!:love:
  7. I think its cute!
  8. Gorgeous teeth! PS. My persian has the same kind or wiggly teeth.
  9. Guinness is so cute! You should post more pics of her!
  10. so cute, my daisy dog also has really crooked teeth as well. I always tell everyone she needs doggie braces.
  11. Awwww.
    I love that pic!!!
  12. hehehe....I think a retainer should correct the problem....:wtf::graucho::nuts::yes:;)
  13. lol this thread still makes me giggle.
  14. Guinness is so adorable!!!! I love that pic so cute!!
  15. *steals GUINESS, and runs...*