Guinea Pigs Eating Watermelon!

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  1. haha! I wish they liked it hahahaha
  2. Ahhh. sooo cute!
  3. Holy cow they were chowing down. Bet they don't eat their regular food that quickly!
  4. ^^ LOL> that's so adorable!!! :P
  5. haha, so cute! It makes me want to get a couple guinea pigs! I had one when I was younger and they're really cool pets. Our humane society gets them once in awhile, but I don't think I need any more pets right now.

    Ours would eat lettuce with a similar fervor.
  6. so cute!!
  7. They're adorable little creatures!
  8. How cuuuuute!! Look at the little guys go. They are just devouring those watermelons. Awww....
  9. Very cute! :biggrin:
  10. adorable!!
  11. (I love the one with the hairclip!)
  12. How adorable!
  13. So cute....
  14. so cute!! My hound dog just gulps watermelon down too fast....