Guilty Pleasures

  1. what is your fav snack of choice??

    I got hooked on baked Doritos (ranch) they are sooo good , and i i luv white cranberry juice by ocean spray
  2. Dark chocolates.
    Coffee frappacino (sp?).
    Bubble tea.
    Cookies and Cream Icecream.:love:
  3. i havent had bubble tea , i hear its good
  4. I love red & cranberry juice to (also by ocean spray )
    Apples (gala only )
  5. Chocolate chip cookies
    Lays BBQ potato chips
    Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream

    ... Wow, I just realized I eat a lot of junk! :biggrin:
  6. Those starchy things are really good :love:
  7. I haven't had this in about 7 months, but my most favorite guilty pleasure is Baskins Robbins Rocky Road Ice Cream.

    Yummy... My hubby surprised me and bought this giant tub of it and I ate it in about a week and gained about 5 lbs. After that, I don't keep it in the house at all.
  8. Looks like my pleasures are kinda boring compared to everyone else.:shame:

    I do love Cadburys chocolate. :love:
  9. Avocado with a dash of wasabi and soy sauce, delicious !
  10. avocado roll or the avocado itself?
  11. Chocolates, cheesecake, dumplings, shumai, asian ramen noodles, spicy nori and nori snacks....
  12. pineapple pizza. I always succomb to its cheesy, fruity, bready goodness.


    and Pradasmeadow! darling, fruit is a pleasure, but don't feel guilty about it! lol.
  13. The avocado itself. :shame:
  14. Good sushi because it's so expensive!
  15. Chocolates and icecream.