guilty pleasures

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  1. everyone has those things that make them *really* happy but they aren't so proud of them. so spill...what are yours?

    star trek
    eating nutella from the jar with a spoon
    children and pre teen tv shows (lizzie maguire, blues clues, etc)

  2. OMGosh NUTELLA! The most fab gelato I ever had was in Rome and the back wall of the shop was lined in giant Nutella bottles!!
    Mine is computer time and Cherry Garcia :biggrin:
  3. MTV & VH1 reality marathons!!!!
  4. OMG Ilzabet..I'm spooning Nutella out of the jar as we speak!!!!
    Nutella and Purse Forum... my guilty pleasures... :biggrin:
  5. My 5 yr old daughter likes a spoonful of the stuff too! LOL!
  6. Are we talking about food? Havarti cheese! My gosh I can eat an entire package in two days! :love: :love: :love: :love: I love it. I had to restrain myself from buying some this wkend.
  7. It's ok if you can stop at one spoonful, :nuts: :lol:
  8. Ooooh Havarti is SO good! LOL!
    There's a little restaurant in San Diego/ UTC MAll {although I'm sure they're other places too} called Boudin's and they made the BEST Turkey and Havarti sandwiches!
  9. Mine is the show 'Laguna Beach' on MTV.I think it is supposed to target high schoolers (I am 32)....but I love it!! My DH got so disgusted with me last night when I told him he should watch it....5 minutes in and that was IT for him!
  10. Hot Coco.... I always make myself some when I'm feeling the whole world is against me. It's an instant salvation for me :biggrin:
  11. Was it called Blue Ice off of Campo de'Fiori? Hehe when I studied abroad in Rome we'd go there for gelato or Nutella crepes. Of course, there could be other places, but that's the first that came to mind. hehee

    OK, guilty pleasures...

    -- I love lounging around the entire day in pajamas every once in a while (or as often as I can get away with it) getting nothing accomplished what so ever
    -- I used to do Nutella...lately it has been spoonfuls of frosting!
    -- Books aimed at teens and chick lit in general
    -- Lizzie McGuire, or it used to be at least, never on anymore.
  12. ^Oh I wish I knew! It was a magical vacation! We conceived our twin boys there, in the city founded by twin brothers! My DH is Italian and the boys were born the sign of Gemini {twins}!
    It was a quiet street and it was unbelievable gelato!
  13. the disney channel and children's friends tease me to no end about this and nobody ever wants to go to the movies with me (although my boyfriend does humor me) :shame:
  14. ^oooh, wish you could come and babysit!
  15. awww thanks sunday school kids love me because i can totally relate to them (dunno if that's a good thing)......we talk about lizzie mcguire and the even stevens and the cheetah girls....soso much fun (yes i know i'm a grown woman :Push:smile: