Guilty pleasure songs

  1. Are there songs that you absolutely love but you'd be embarrassed if anyone knew you loved them?

    The other day at work I noticed that they were playing Clay Aiken's Invisible, and I found myself humming along. I realized that I like that song, albeit the lyrics being kind of creepy. ("If I was invisible, then I could just watch you in your room"?)

    And when Hanson's Mmbop came out, I loved that one, too!
  2. :Push: toxic - B Spears
  3. according to my friends i should be embarassed of half my ipod playlist...but i unashamedly :heart: love :heart: girl pop. :yes: more embarassing, i rarely like the single from an album. it's always some track in the middle....which means i've listened to the whole thing at some point.

    top contenders for most embarassing song:
    the entire paris hilton album (yes, i bought it)
    hilary duff's second album (especially sweet sixteen and come clean)
    lindsey lohan's speak
    britney spears greatest hits
    ashlee simpson's autobiography
    jessica simpson public affair

    those are the ones i've been informed i should be most embarrassed about.
  4. :shame: same here.

  5. LOL that is too funny, that is the same song I was going to post....
  6. Hohan's "Symptoms Of You"
    Um, anything by Kelly Clarkson
    I like a lot of strange songs, actually.
  7. Backstreet Boys stuff. hehe.
  8. oh lizbet, I don't think we can be friends anymore!:lol:

  9. I forgot Us Against The World by Play!

    And Aqua's entire Aquarium album!
  10. All ABBA songs, lol.
  11. this thread is making want to open up the club tonight caitlin....

  12. OMG!!! ME TOO!!!:shame: :nuts: I even have a CD-single in my car!!!:graucho:
  13. We TOTALLY should! . . . And we should make the dj play guilty pleasures songs all night!
  14. Yeah, embarrassed to admit I like some of Britney's songs. I don't think the Bee Gees are cool to anyone but me--I love all their stuff. And a lot of disco music, like Last Dance by Donna Summer.
  15. I'll have to run to the store for a nice bottle o' vino first....