Guilty or not


Sep 8, 2006
I have the PCE card burning a whole in my Carly, but must admit that I'm having pangs of guilt at the thought of using it. I have my eye on lg laced bleeker flap in brown, my nose on the perfume, a key fob for my best friend, and I guess I could get my daughter a charm to ease my conscience a bit. I wish my husband would use something, but it's just not his style, and my other daughter is too young to get started. Should I feel selfish buying so much for myself at this time of year? This is where you all, as a support group, really help, so I'll say it ahead of time..I love y'all!!!!


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Jul 25, 2007
If it makes you feel less guilty, maybe use it to buy what you want and then let your husband "give" you the items as holiday gifts. This way you still get the discount, still get what you want and it helps him out as well.


Nov 29, 2007
Ditto donnalynn11. My hubby and I don't get each other gifts - we go shopping together and let each other buy really nice stuff that we would not the rest of the year. So my vote is to try and get him to go with you when you shop if you can and for gosh's sake get that UTTERLY GORGEOUS laced Bleeker for yourself! You earned that card!