Guilty Food Confession of the Day!

  1. 'fess up, what did you consume today that you feel guilty/silly/or are giggling over?

    Me: I've consumed over 75 Orange, Grape, and Blue Flav-or-Ice pops over the last two weeks :shame: (the long skinny popsicles in plastic sleeves that are like $1.69 for a box of 45, lol) I LOVE those things!!!
  2. last week i was pms-ing like when i went to the supermarket with my mom i bought two bags of pork rinds: salt n vinegar and hot....mmmmm saltyyyyy!!!
  3. this morning I had a caramel mocha and I just finished a bag of m&m's

    I'm sure I dont need any more sugar today
  4. :shame:I think I devoured a whole bag of tim tams within a 24 hour period, all by myself...
  5. Yesterday I went to the gym and work our REALLY hard... then i had pepperoni and sausage pizza:confused1::nogood::push:
  6. for the past few weeks, i've been sooo good, but recently i've had triple chocolate cake, strawberries and creme frap (with whip!), lamb chops and buttery mashed potatoes, and cheesy mexican fajitas... all in the span of 3 days! and today i woke up and had a cupcake for breakfast. bad bad bad!
    posting this might help make me snap out of it/
  7. When I go to the movies (like this afternoon!) I'll skip lunch and buy popcorn.

    I ALWAYS buy popcorn at the movies!
  8. Yesterday I had a slice of chocolate fudge cake after lunch & after dinner too. Midnight strikes & I shared a bowl of rocky road ice cream with my hubby.

  9. Ummm, I've been on a raw ramen noodle kick for a week.

    I just looked at the amount of calories yesterday :wtf:...and yet I just finished another block. :rolleyes::lol:
  10. While shopping at my local Whole Foods today I went around grabbinga and tasting all the fresh samples they had out..oatmeal cookies, grapes, pineapple, crackers, cheese, fresh bread....even wine.....God, I was so full when I left!

  11. Oh my god!!! I love popsicles soo much..
    I had, like, a whole box of ice cream today. It would of been rude to put it back in the fridge after I had ate out of it!
  12. Yesterday I ate half a bag of Doritos all by myself.:nuts:
  13. I ate both pink donuts I got from the Kwik-E-Mart. I meant to just eat one today, and eat one tomorrow, but that was obviously not the case.
  14. sooooo muuuuuuch cheeeeeese
  15. Oh, do I need to confess! I just had a double quarter pounder combo from McD's. Yuck. I never eat McD's but I'm getting sick and I just have to have bad, bad food when I get sick. Something about McD's fries when you have a sore throat is so great.