Guilty Confession!

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  1. I called Elux today and exchanged my Rose Cabas Antigua GM for the MM size. It's worth it to me, because I just can't imagine using that gigantic bag!! :blink: The good news is, because it was an exchange I still don't have to pay for shipping, either back to Elux or to me again. :smile:
  2. thats great:smile:
    Be sure to have your model show off your new bag :biggrin:

  3. Why do you feel guilty? A lady always reserves the right to change her mind! ;)
  4. Oh, I know... but Elux is going to put me on their hit list soon! Back when I discovered them I didn't know what I wanted, so I bought and exchanged like 4 bags the first month. I have settled down since then, but I swear I return like 5 bags/accessories a year still. Good thing I keep half the stuff I buy! ;)
  5. Carol, I've had a lot of elux returns also - it took three tries to get the right size last summer in the denim and cerises mules. I recently returned a framboise Bedford because I found a fuchsia one, and the fuchsia is much prettier in that bag IMHO (smells better too). I expect them to cut me off, but I don't have any other options since my little Saks boutique is so far away.:sad2:
  6. I'm needing to do an exchange through Elux within the next couple days. How does the whole process work? Does Elux reimburse the shipping charges for shipping an item back to Elux? Or do they send a prepaid postage return label?
  7. That is good i like the mm.
  8. Not bad at all, you save a little as well ! ;)
  9. are you getting it in pink again.
  10. Did you get the same color?
  11. Oh, yes!! Gotta have it in Rose! And I will definitely USE the MM size! ;)

    The exchange process was pretty easy. If I had just returned it they would have refunded my purchase minus shipping, but since I was doing an exchange, they waived the shipping fees. They sent a prepaid return label with it, so all that is going to happen is I drop it off at Fedex. They are charging me for the MM and will credit me for the GM when it arrives back, and didn't charge me any shipping for the MM. :smile:
  12. I like the smaller bag better. I think you made the right decision. :smile:
  13. You Did The Right Thing ~ You Should Have The Size That Is Right For You!!! ......The Rose Is So Beautiful!!!!!! ENJOY!!!
  14. If you have purchased that much, you must be a VIP customer like me. :nuts: I'm sure they don't mind you returning anything or changing your mind.

    I even tell my kids, "I reserve the right to change my mind at anytime!"
  15. Yep, I'm VIP... it gets me upgraded shipping for free, mostly. And they are probably nicer to me on the phone because of it! ;)