Guilty by association?

  1. My girlfriend and I have the same exact Chanel Cambon reporter. The difference...mine is real. We go shopping together and it makes me sick :throwup: that she sports it. Her sad, sick, tired bag makes mine look questionable too. Ive decided to find mine a new home for this reason. Ive dealt with it for a year now, it really bothers me. If you saw a woman carrying an obvious fake, wouldn't you just assume there both fake??:shrugs:
  2. I wouldn't think both bags were fake. I also wouldn't get so bent out of shape over it. I don't think you should sell your bag, it sounds like you love it. Just think, hers will eventually fall apart. Maybe you can tell her about some new styles they have which would look better on her. If someone wants to carry a fake to me it is their right, I am not one to judge or make fun of.
  3. wow, you dealt with it for a year?

    i myself would choose not to carry it around her :flowers:
  4. ^^ ITA i think that you do sound like you love it too. it IS a pity to let go of it because of your friend. i think you've been very gracious not to complain to your friend about carrying the same bag as you all the time! i would have mentioned something about it myself (even if hers was real.. i just don't like twin outfits)
  5. Personally, I most likely just wouldn't carry it around her. If we're being completely honest, if I see a Cambon bag my first thought is that it is often fake. If Im not up really close to be able to actually inspect it, it is one bag that I do often thing is fake.

    If you love the bag though, you should carry it. Simply put, YOU know your bag is real and I think it's pretty sad if you let someone else spoil something that you love. You know the truth and really, that is what should matter the most.
  6. i won't realy care. i have a black balenciaga city authentic one, and my friend had teh same but fake. sometimes we accidentally wore the same bag and honestly, she's the one who kinda feel ashamed, not the owner of teh authentic one.

    i wouldn't botehr about her fakes either, it's her choice to make adn as i don't want people to justified me of buying such a price for a bag, i won't justified them to buy the thing they can affod or want to buy.
  7. Don't get rid of yours for that reason. You have it because you love it and it shouldn't matter what other people think of it!
  8. Hey mamma b! Are you the same mamma b from tFS?

    I love my Reporter and could never part with it. Is it possible to wear another bag when you shop with your friend, or find out ahead of time if she's carrying her Reporter? People buy fakes for many reasons. Some can afford the authentic bag but think paying that much money for a handbag is ridiculous. Others truly cannot afford it and feel a fake is the next best thing. Even though we may not understand, it makes them feel good to carry it and probably feel no one will notice it is not authentic.

    How does your friend feel about you owning the real thing? I'll bet deep inside it bothers her that you have what she may never be able to afford. What if she bought your real one at a reduced cost and you purchased another for yourself? Then you'd both have two authentic Reporters!

  9. Awww... I love this idea! :heart:
  10. I wouldn't carry the same bag as my friend, the same way I wouldn't wear a dress we both own if I know she might be wear it going out together. If you really like your bag keep it and maybe wear a different designer one when shopping with her.
    Could you tell that hers is a fake one if you didn't know it??
  11. I think my friend would be offended if I offered to sell my second hand to her. Depends on the person though. If I were you, I'd carry a different bag when going out with her. Probably even a different brand...

    You shouldnt sell the bag if you really like it though.
  12. Keep your bag, just because your friend wants to carry around a fake doesn't mean that you should have to give up your beautiful real one! Just don't wear it when she does, or just throw hers away hahahahahha
  13. I think if anyone notices that you are carrying the same bag...they will know enough to know yours is real and hers isn't. I mean, honestly, can't you tell a fake bag...any fake bag...from the real deal? Don't let this stop you from using a bag you love.
  14. I think this might be one of the funniest posts I have read. How tragic, I would think she would be too embarrassed to carry hers around yours!

    Shame on her, I would get rid of the friend not the bag! Just kidding, it sounds like she tainted your whole experience of owning the bag, might be best to start over.
  15. Uck :nuts: I cannot wear anything that is fake, it bothers me toooo much. If one of my friends had a fake, I would not say a thing, but I would try to use a different designer or a diff bag then the "fake style" she was wearing. Plus you will know and anyone else who carries authentic will know whose is real and whose is not:yes: .