Guilty...and very excited

  1. Just ordered my very first Balenciaga bag - The city in black. Unoriginal I know, but I have bright red hair and I wear a lot of black, so I figure at least it will match everything I have. Very excited! (and guilty, I only just bought myself a small Chloe Edith). Oh well:yes:
  2. congrats....very classy! post pics when you get it. i'm sure you'll love it
  3. woohoo congrats! I have been wanting to sell my black first for a black city! A black city is soooooo classic! Enjoy your first balenciaga....and goodluck too....becuase you WILL want more!!!
  4. Congrats! I want a black city---they're so classy-looking.
  5. Congrats on your first Balenciaga bag! Every Balenciaga baghag should have own a black one :graucho:
  6. Congratulations. Post pictures when you get it. We love to see pictures of Bbags. :smile:
  7. Congrats Poptartlr! Welcome to the, I mean CLUB... ;)

    I still want a black City...every time I make the decision to buy one, I get side-tracked by some fabulous color...but then, everytime I see someone wearing their black City, I wish I had it! Someday....:shame:
  8. Good choice for your first B bag !
  9. Congrats on ya first step into the DARK DARK side ;)

    Welcome, and be sure to post pics!
  10. :yahoo: Congrats on your first Bbag!!
    You will love your new bag!!
    And then the addiction will start...mwa hah hah!!!
  11. Congrats girl!
  12. You'll love it! That was my first Bbag, too. I felt I needed a color I could wear a lot and then I ventured out into different colors. CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  13. Congrats!!! I also get "side tracked" by other colors.:shame: Black is so chic, great choice for a first bbag.:yes:
  14. me too! one of these days though...I will own a black city! But CONGRATS on ur black city!!!! :balloon:
  15. Bbags look awesome in black. Sounds like the perfect choice for a mostly black wardrobe! Congrats, I am sure you will love her.