Guilty.... #7

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  1. Dropped by the BV store at Taka earlier this evening to ask about their belts and the SA highlighted the new sale items that just arrived today! one thing caught our eyes... and we could not resist!!

    Here's #7!! :nuts:


  2. Congratulations on the gorgeous phone strap! Luv it. :woohoo:
  3. Thanks! It was on sale, at 50% off. Could not resist!
  4. i have the same exact color and i love it. enjoy.
  5. How much was it (if you don't mind me asking)?
  6. Got it for S$125, that's about US$86 at today's exchange rate.
  7. My DW already has it on her phone! By the way, what colour is it?? :p:shrugs:
  8. Congrats! BV phone straps are adorable.

    If it's on sale, it should be a past season colour. But can't quite tell from the pics. Could you describe the colour? Olive? Green? Brown?
  9. Do I spy an orange box?
  10. Its a lighter shade of brown than ebano, a bit pastel-looking.... definitely from past season, but I'm not very good with colours and their release season... :p
  11. Oops!! Did not realise it was in the picture!! Heee..... sharp eyes!:tup:

    Its my DW's pointus.... ;)
  12. not sure what color it is, but it's very nice. congrats on #7!
  13. :lol: Is she on the H board too?
  14. Thankfully, not yet... only some scarves and a scarf ring... but i love the scarves myself too!!
  15. very nice it! :heart: