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  1. Hi gals

    I'm new to the whole world of gorgeous, designer handbags (and designer goods in general). I recently bit the bullet and purchased a rather expensive bag, and a pair of shoes to boot! but i've encountered something that i never thought i would - guilt. not about buying the items - but about using them! i guess knowing how much they're worth it's hard to use them like the cheaper stuff - i don't want to use them b/c i don't want to scratch them or get them dirty etc. but then again, i don't want to just stare at them and see them collect dust either. but it's like they're too beautiful to use! i only want to use them for ultra special occassions (which unfortunately come few and far between these days...) i mean, i want to enjoy them, but then i don't. i love them so much...but i'm just :confused1: i feel like i completely relate to those doll collectors who don't want to "de-box" their dolls

    have any of you had this problem? if so, how did you get over it?
  2. when i was young ( looooong time ago) i felt the same as you whenever i got something very special (clothes, jewelry, shoes) and you know what would happen... a year later i would look at them and say, i never wear/use this, i am saving it for a special occassion. well, every day is a special occassion because you never know how many days you have. so use your bag. enjoy it and feel happy that you can. life is so short. (sorry if i sound like your mother!!)
  3. I have to say I do save my Fendi spys for special occassion, like holidays or going to dinner. I do not like to use them for every day use as do not want them to get spolt. I am the same with my Dior shoes (plus I would look funny going round the local supermarket in them LOL..)
  4. The first one's always hard. Once I got a couple, I did not hesitate using some of them. I'm more of a collector so I don't get to use everything I buy although I'd like to think someday I would. :yes:
  5. I'd feel more guilty if I don't use it... so use it:yes:
  6. Wise words!!!:yes:
    I have often looked at my beauties in their dustbags, thinking - should i? shouldn't i?:smile:
    And now, i'm going to use them more often - just not on rainy days, to the supermarket, the local shop...:graucho:
  7. agree!!
    the more i use it, the less i feel guilty.
    on my account is if i bought a 1000$ bag, like it so much and use it a lot, like 250 days in ayear, it's like 4$ a day, so actually it became a "cheap" bag.
    but if i bought a 100$ just because i feel guilty buying a 1000$ bag and actually not love it, and it's just a substitute, i won't use it that much it became an "expensive" bag...
  8. OMG! i completely didn't think of it that way - it's so true! that's a great way to think about it! thanks so much everyone!
  9. I always feel guilty when I buy an expensive bag. Then I go buy another one, so I guess my guilt doesnot last long. LOL
  10. To be honest with you I have the same feeling about handbags/clothes/shoes. I don't want to use them a lot in case I ruin it but lately I've been trying to change this. Yes, I have ruined many of my shoes, my handbags have scratches all over the place and of course I've had to get rid of the odd top due to overuse. But to me being able to enjoy my clothes and take pride in my looks every day outweights this.
  11. A bag is meant to be used and not on display, IMO. Sure they look great in a closet all lined up but they're meant to get out there and do their job too! ;)

    spending money on bags and not using them (or anything else for that matter) is like flushing money down the toilet. As long as you take good care of them and don't set them down on movie theatre floors or other abuse your bags will be just fine.

    Cars may get door dings, shoes may need repair, beautiful cookbooks might get a little food or olive oil on them or bent pages, and furniture might have a nick or two. This all means the items were LOVED and ENJOYED. I used to be super anal about everything staying new looking forever but I've mellowed out a lot as I've gotten a lil' older :love: .
  12. I had an elderly relative who wouldn't use the gifts she received because they were "too nice to use". Guess what? After she died and we sorted out her stuff, there were all the items still in boxes, never used, that we all hoped would make her happy and comfortable. It was sad. Use your nice things!
  13. I agree! You bought clothing and accessories-they can't be used for anything else-just take reasonable care of them, and enjoy them-I too have seen so many women (of every age) with things that are "too good"-for what? My family would go crazy every year trying to think of something nice for my grandmother for Christmas that she would use, and she never did! So enjoy!
  14. Nope, I buy my bags to carry them. Seems a waste to me if they're just sitting in my closet...seems unfair to them! They were made to be shown off! LOL
  15. No, bags, cheap or expensive, are for carrying things in!