Guilt over unused bags? Still want to buy more..

  1. OK, I am a pack rat and an impulse buyer, I admit it. As I just posted, I am ready to get a new bag and deciding between Black Suhali Lock it and Aurelia GM Black.

    But feeling guilt over bags sitting in the spare room closet, AKA 'the gift closet', where I put things I have bought on sale or things I have found that are 'perfect' for friends and family.

    Currently sitting, unused, still boxed...(I know not good to store bags boxed) is:
    Blue Antigua GM
    Mandarin Epi bucket
    White MC Cozy
    White Charms pouchette
    Denim flat pouch (really a gift from DH)
    Denim sac-a-dos GM(really a gift from DH)

    Recently liberated from limbo, the aurelia gm, white. Which I am loving. Believe it or not, I do know why I do this...I see bags I like, have the means to buy them, so I do so...but feel guilty for buying for 'no' reason, so I save them until I feel I 'deserve' my motive for the new bag, buying my Christmas gift, before the price hike...

    Sorry for the ramble....Am I crazy to want more, when I have so much unused?
  2. Hmm.. how did you get into my boat?? I thought I was all alone here in the sea of guilt. LOL!!! I have quite a few just sitting in the boxes waiting for me to remember them. Such a shame really. Now I feel like rearranging my closet.
  3. I don't think youre crazy.

    Its your money and your thing. I just call it bag collecting. Really.

    Most people who collect things take pleasure out of the hunt and chase. Then they store them away proudly.

    Same for us. Atleast that's what I do. I really like the hunt and chase. Its an added bonus to know that all my goodies are there, waiting to be carried whenever I'm ready.

    Purse collecting is waaaaay more fulfilling than collecting anything else.

    Think about it. Those who collect dolls, statues, cards, coins, whatever. All they can do is display them and look at them. :shrugs:

    We get to display our bags and then wear them proudly to show them off. Much more fullfilling. :yes:

    Feel better? I do. LOL:lol:
  4. i feel bad whenever i buy or get a new bag and start to "binge" use them and neglect my other bags... *guilty*
    but then i can't help it... i just love purses... and always have a favorite of the moment... heheheh
  5. I have been there myself at one time. Now, I try to make sure that the bag I buy will be used and not neglected. More staple bags and less trendy ones. But, I did just buy a Balenciaga Metallic Magenta First, which obviously is not a staple piece, so I guess I am still there. Hehe. Oh well.
  6. Yeah, I do the same thing!?! I only have a couple of unused bags but I have guilt over it. I keep telling myself that I will use it eventually!
  7. I feel guilt toward my other bags that I don't use so much anymore! :cry:
  8. I think most of us here would soooooooooo relate....

    I went into collecting with the intention of getting some of my most beloved LV pieces.......that lead to 5 other Prada "rainy day" bags...and I know that I can go on and on...

    But I decided to call it quits at 11 and will only buy if one bites the dust.....ughhhh:yucky: Its hard....but I have to do it.....:s I see no end in site if I didnt draw the line.....:hysteric:
  9. Hee hee Twinkle feel free to donate your denim flat pouch and antigua GM to the "couturegrl foundation". :smile:
  10. Thanks so much ladies, I feel better! I am glad I am not the only one!
  11. Remember, we are all bag COLLECTORS.;)
  12. Oh, meant to say...I don't do this just for are things in the gift closet for DH, the kids, parents, in name it. I see it and I buy it.
  13. Why don't you sell the stuff you doný use? You can start again with a clean leaf
  14. I would purchase the lockit ... I have bags that still have the plastic on them and have never been used in years:shame: I think the thrill is in the deciding then purchase phase:lol:
  15. :yes: I so hear what everyone's saying...I too have bags still in their plastic sitting in my closet. I feel like I love them too much to want to use them really...I can envisage bad things happening to them the day I decide to wear them. Oh yes, besides the bags, I have a box full of things I buy as presents (that never seem to see the light of day in the end)...I think as X'mas approaches, it's time I sort some of them out and donate them to the Salvation Army (ummm..sorry, not my bags tho...oh, now I feel guilty)...