Guilloche hardware? Your opinions?

  1. Hi everyone!

    What's YOUR opinions on guilloche h/w? I can't work out if I love it or hate it (and I'm usually quite decisive!!). Is it trying to look like diamond h/w without the diamonds? Would YOU choose it for your bags?

  2. Hi Kristie, I think it looks best on a plain black Boxcalf Kelly.
  3. for a special occasion bag, yes. and def. w/ a regular leather since the hardware is already so "busy". but for an everyday bag, no.
  4. no i simply do not like it . it has its appeal but something is "wrong" with it for me
  5. Ditto
  6. I would have to agree here^.

    If not the black box Kelly I would really have to see it on the bag. It can get to be too much.
  7. For me, ONLY on a black box rigide small Kelly (not a 32cm) :smile:
  8. Does anyone have a pic of what guilloche hardware looks like? I'm not familiar with it.:shame:
  9. There's a Kelly on eBay right now... :smile:
  10. I personally love the guilloche hardware, but only on the classic black box kelly. I think it gives the class that BOOM
  11. I prefer hardware as simple as the bag itself. The guilloche hardware isn't hand-filed, is it?

    I do like guilloche work on some things like cutlery or jewelry.
  12. I think this guilloche hardware is a bit too "busy" for me. It's nice when I look at it upclose but then when placed on a bag, it just looks "off" to me somehow ...

  13. Yes - I have to agree KK, this is exactly my feelings, but I couldn't put my finger on it!!:smile:

    Thanks everyone - I guess the Kelly with the Guilloche h/w on eBay has to go to someone else!! - thanks for your help!!
  14. Oh that's too bad - that's my Kelly for sale (I think the one you are referring to). I think the Guilloche hardware is AMAZING, and you don't see it very often. :love:
  15. Smooth, I would've bought it but I got the call about my Birkin the same day you offered this bag to us. It's so beautiful and I wish I could snag it!
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