guilloche hardware on a birkin/kelly?

  1. Has anyone seen a photo floating around here? I asked about this at my boutique and they said they hadn't seen it on a bag. I'd love to have it on my new birkin but need to find a photo. Can anyone help please? :shrugs:
  2. Have you tried the ref lib? Also, I think S'Mom may have something Guilloche....
  3. HC, I only have a photo of guilloche on a Kelly double tour bracelet, but perhaps it can also suit your purposes in showing your SA. Here's the thread where I had originally posted it. I am pretty sure it must be done by SO only as I tried for a podium order and it didn't go through.
  4. thanks! i thought i saw one on eBay a while back but the bracelet photo helps too - :flowers:
  5. Man, I'd LOVE to have something Guilloche but sadly I don't......yet!:upsidedown:
  6. yet...LMAO!
  7. Mmm that would be so nice.
  8. Yup, MK had a sellier 32cm black box Kelly w/guilloche for sale awhile back; she was a beauty. I wish I had saved a picture of it. I think that there are one or two members who may have a black box Kelly w/guilloche.
  9. 24 has a gorgeous one, but I'm not sure if she's posting here anymore...?

    It's funny, I thought YOU had one too, Orchids!! In my minds eye guilloche is elegant, and I must have just pictured you with one!
  10. Aw, thanks GF, I wish! I was definitely on the hunt for one but had my hopes dashed when my order was a no go.