Guidelines about SAs posting here?

  1. Can I inform people of a sale going on at the store I work at? I usually give ppl the heads up, especially fellow Torontonians, about sales in the city but this time, it just happens that I'm an SA at one!

    Is there a way to go about doing this while following the rules?
  2. Mods, Megs, or Vlad?
  3. SA's are permitted to post about sales and stock and store info.
    SA's MAY NOT post their personal contact info or request people to contact them directly or PM them, etc. . . .
  4. Precisely. First of all, I am quite confident that it is not in their employer's best interest to have their employed SAs posting around the internet and recruiting buyers.

    Secondly, we are trying to keep tPF as clean of solicitation and spam as we can. If we allowed store owners, SAs, eBay sellers to advertise their inventory, the quality of the forum would deteriorate very quickly.
  5. :yes: Vlad, I've noticed a MAJOR decrease in SA's posting. . makes me sad but I know it's because a lot of them crossed the line their employer's draw, posting photos of upcoming products and such.
  6. Okay, just to be clear.....

    If I post various sales information and don't disclose which one I may work for, then it's okay. It's just when an SA posts sale/product information in CONJUNCTION with their info then it's a no-no?
  7. ^correct

    For example if you posted
    "hey my Nordstom {or fill in the blank} is having all their Christian Louboutin shoes 90% off today only, call me at ___-____ and I'll assist you or PM me for details!"
    or something similar we don't allow that.

    If you posted:
    "hey all Nordstrom's have Christian Louboutin's 90% off today!"
    then that's fine:yes:


    Thanks for asking BTW:flowers:
  8. This may sound selfish and all, but I don't have a problem with them showcasing upcoming products. They may be violating their employer's rules, but for us it's information that adds a lot of value for readers and members alike. So if they want to jeopardize their position by contributing such info, be my guest.
  9. ^:yes: I know, me too! That's why I said "sadly". I miss those fantastic photo filled threads!:cry:
  10. Oh snap you said "decrease". I somehow read increase.
  11. According to my SA Nordstrom now has a rule than forbids their employees from posting sales or stock on tPF. :sad: I wonder if other stores are starting to crack down too?
  12. Ahaaa, that explains why I didn't see regular updates in the Chanel forum from a certain Nordstrom SA anymore :wondering
  13. NM has always forbid it. . . could't figure out why SA's kept doing it anyways. . . .
  14. Thanks for your help Swanky and Vlad!

    I wonder why stores don't allow their sales associate to post anymore. It has gotten them TONS of business. Just by going through a few threads, I've calculated over $10,000 :wtf::wtf::wtf: So imagine ALL the threads together?! I would NOT be surprised if that was into the 6 figures! I can see the whole privacy thing, but I think if stores implemented guidelines, it would be fine. Keeping up with changes in the market is what drives business.
  15. companies don't allow it.
    I know NM has a policy against SA's publishing photographs of their stores items. . . this can cost the SA's their jobs.