Guide to wearing . . . H bracelets (?)

Sep 21, 2010
San Ramon, CA
I tried doing a search for pictures of TPFer's wearing Hermes bracelets.

I just purchased my very first Hermes item: a Clic H Narrow Bracelet with Black Enamel (Silver & Palladium hardware) and was hoping to see how you wonderful TPFer's wear your jewelry/bracelets (various combos/ways). I am also looking to get a reversible leather bracelet, in black and orange with silver and palladium plated hardware. Again, just want to see how you combine your bracelets with other jewelry items.

If you would be so very kind as to direct me to the appropriate thread (since I obviously missed it) or post pics of your fashionable H jewelry/bracelet combinations, I would be very appreciative and happy :yahoo: