guide to Hermes/Paris trip?

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  1. after being inspired by fellow tPFers stories (whispa's honeymoon in Paris earlier this year, Peanutbabycake's trip last year and moviegirl's impending Paris trip this thanksgiving) of their Paris trips - DH finally ok'd a trip to the City of Lights before the year ends (possibly after Christmas)! woohoo!

    i know there were several threads dedicated to Paris trips (of course, Gina b's fab Paris rendezvous) with guide's to Hermes stores, Paris prices comparison, how to deal with customs etc. and for the love of god, i can't seem to find it! PLS HELP!

    need to finalize plans before DH changes his mind! LOL :nuts: THanks in advance, friends!
  2. I'm off to the City of Lights myself next year - and a guide like that would be PRICELESS!!!!
  3. oh i know shopmom, i'm so excited - and any tips from other tPFers on making the most of a Paris trip planned at the last minute is definitely PRICELESS!

  4. I definately remember a thread with lots of info about Paris, and I remember it was one of Shopmom's, before she came to Italy. At one point it seemed she might be going to Paris aswell, and I remember we all listed some of our favourite places in Paris....Shopmom ??? do you remember which thread it was ?
  5. L, I just did a quick search for you in the Hermes subforum of all the threads that have Paris in the title, I'm looking through it right now and this one looks hopeful:
    Paris Prices
  6. i just made my paris-planning recently so i can give you a small update.
    Recommeded hotels:
    George V (small H shop included.-)
    Le Bristol-nice classic,close to the mothership
    Hotel Costes-for fashion insiders
    Hotel Plaza Athene-great location for designer shopping,nice cafe
    Hotel Ritz-great location for luxury jewellery shopping

    Beside Hermes is worth to see:
    luxury mall:Le Bon Marche
    Breakfast at:Laduree
    Dinner&Drink:L'Etoile, Buddha Bar, ManRay

    See the romantic side of Paris:
    St Germain

    Must see:Louvre
  7. OH MY! thanks so much duna, whispa & missmarbella! i can't wait to finalize everything!
  8. PazT, so excited for you! Cannot wait to hear all about it. I just tried digging around for D's thread on Paris and couldn't find it. Will try a bit later.
  9. GREAT recommendations missmarbella!! i actually visited a majority of these places! Laduree is a GREAT place for dessert as well. in St. Germain, they have famous hot chocolate places that's out of this world. forgot the names of the ones we went to, but will find out.... also for hotel, wasn't it the Hotel Plaza Athene where Carrie from SATC stayed at with her Russian lover?? my sister lived in Paris for a short while and told me this. or maybe i've mistaken it for another hotel....
  10. P.babycakes,
    yes, it was Plaza Athene where Carrie stayed.
    Impeccable service, beautiful rooms...
  11. Must see depending on how long you're going to be there: Versailles (short day trip) The best example of French decendance and French monarchy indulgence right before the eve of the French Revolution! Also, Pazt, if you're looking for a great guide to help you w/ ur stay there, I TOTALLY recommend Frommers PARIS. Hands down the best guide publication out there IMO. I've used them for all my trips around the world and would never leave home w/o it!! I'm going to buy a new edition for this trip and you can borrow it when I'm done!!! PBC borrowed my Eastern European Frommers books and loved them too!!!!
  12. true true true!! :yes: frommer's is da best! i also used it for my trip to argentina!
  13. Wow, I am so excited for you paz! That is wonderful news. I wish I could come too - LOL!!!