Guide to finding real Chanel bags?

  1. Is there a handy guide to finding real Chanel bags, if I'm buying consignment?

    Should the tag say 'Made in Italy' or 'Made in France' or 'Made in Paris'?
    If there's a serial number, can I call Chanel to find out if it's legit?
  2. I was sort of wondering this, too. There is the reference library but it doesn't really say what to look for in an authentic bag. It basically shows pictures, prices, etc. Are there a few key things to look for in an authentic bag (i.e. type of screws used to attach the CC's to the bag)...
  3. there's LOTS of tips, just not all in one spot.

    Certain dust bags w/ certain years, 0's should look a certain way on a hologram, screws should be this not that. . . .

    It's not a bad idea. . . I can start a thread and sticky it, maybe our better authenticators can provide some tips.
  4. That would be great to have them all in one spot!
  5. ooops, for got to start the thread! Going to do that. . . .
  6. if anyone wants help setting up a blog similar to for balenciaga, i would be more than happy to help. i am also forever indebted to this forum for all the help and investigative skills provided when i was unsure about the 'details' in my bag.

    i know that a site like that would have been really useful for when i bought my first bag from ebay.
  7. Does anyone know of legitimate sellers of Chanel on EBay? I saw some Chanel Ballet Flats that BDs has sold out of. I was wondering if the EBay shoes are for real. Any help or input is appreciated.
  8. Check the Shopping Forum.
    You can also post in the Authenticate This! sticky in there as well.
  9. If I bought a Chanel bag from a supposedly authentic online shopping retailer..will the bag come with a hologram always?? Can't they just make their own holograms to match the serial number inside the bag if they want to make fakes??

  10. You are most welcome! I do not have a Chanel in my bag collection yet (other than a small makeup bag) & because I am not rich by any means & am too impatient to save, save, save... mine will likely be a pre-owned so I have been doing all the research I can both on TPF & off! :yes:
  11. I thought posting all of the tips wasnt a good idea? ie. it would give counterfeiters a guide to making better bags?
  12. That's a good point but we're just trying to help our TPF sisters out so they don't get jipped out of their hard earned money. A Chanel bag is quite an investment so it is imperative to know what you are looking for especially when buying from other than the official boutique. Counterfeiters will just go & buy/obtain an authentic bag to replicate so TPF members keeping mum on authentication tips would do no good anyways. I am very grateful to the TPF members who have helped me learn how to authenticate on my own so I don't have to keep constantly posting & asking in authentication threads although a second or third opinion never hurts! :P