Guide to Colors & Styles??


Apr 14, 2016
Is there any kind of guide that lists what designs & sizes came in what materials & colors?

I really want an Alma in a pink vernis - and from the (outdated) color guide on Yoogi's, I think that the only one that is truly a pink I would like is the Rose Pop. Maybe the Indian Rose. But for the life of me I cannot find anywhere a list of which sizes came in that color. I am sure that I don't want anything larger than the PM.
I found a pink Alma PM for sale that seems to be the hot pink, but the seller doesn't know the exact shade name. From her pics I thought it was a very 'bubblegum' pink - but she is describing it as deep coral. :sad:
I am not crazy about coral, as I always feel it is more orange/peach than pink.

I am also considering a Soft Lockit in pink - but don't have a shade name and am not confident from the pictures that it will truly be pink. Ugh!

My main point is that if I could see a list of all items that came in any kind of pink - maybe I could at least know what to search for. LOL


Bear Cam Enthusiast
Oct 21, 2014
If you go the Louis Vuitton Reference Library group of threads, there are specic threads about styles and colors. There is one thread that is a reference for Vernis Colors. I would scan those threads and see what you can find., good luck!