Guide to buying a Birkin

  1. I am new to Hermes so I do not know what their policy is.

    Other designers (Prada) will not fix or make adjustments to a bag unless the bag was bought directly from the boutique and you have the receipt.

    I was thinking that this is probably not the policy that Hermes has since so many people by their Birkins from resellers.

    So as long as it does not have the shooting star craftsman mark, you can take it to a Hermes boutique and have them do adjustments or repairs at no charge? So they do not care where you bought it from?

    I know this seems like a basic question but I do not own any Hermes bags as of yet and I was wondering if it was worth it to buy such an expensive bag from a reseller and not be able to make any repairs.

    Also what should you look for when trying to buy an authentic Birkin? Are there any tell tale signs that makes a bag a fake? What should a newbie to Hermes know before purchasing a bag from a reseller?

    Also if you want to buy directly from Hermes, how do you go about doing so? I have heard about the waitlists, but am not sure about the details. How does one get on the wait list?

    How much do Birkins cost at retail? What are all the types of leathers and what is the value of each? What kinds are the most coveted and most expensive? What are the most common and least expensive?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. hey socal!!

    As far as I know, yes, you can take your Hermes bag into any Hermes Boutique - they will know if it is authentic - and they can have it refirbed for bag was purchased in the US, and I can have it serviced in Sydney (Australia) so I gather it's the same for everyone.

    The members here are very knowlegable about how to determine authenticity here - you should post any items you're interested in in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread - I think many people don't want to say exactly what to look out for, as this can give the manufacturers of fakes a heads there are lots of subtle things to look out for - each bag is different.........HTH??
  3. The repairs/refurbishment will cost you money depending on what they do. Just a basic polish/spa treatment costs $80.00 and other repairs go up from there.
  4. and hermes charges for repairs and reconditioning.
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    Many of the questions (waiting lists, Birkin purchases) have been discussed on MANY threads here. Spend some (FUN) time reading some older posts and threads and you'll learn a lot.