Guide on how to REPORT Ebay auctions

  1. After seeing several people making threads about having issues on reporting auctions on Ebay for various reasons, I decided to create a guide. I am including screen shots. I will show you how to report: COUNTERFEIT AUCTIONS, STOLEN PICTURES, and FRAUDULENT AUCTIONS. If anyone needs help with other issues in reporting, contact me and I can post them here.

    If you see an auction, that you need to report for anything, always hit the "report this item" link at the bottom of every auction. As seen here:


    How To Report a Counterfeit Item

    When you see an auction that has a counterfeit item for sale. Click the "report this item" as shown above. A menu will pop up in the next screen. This menu will have 3 boxes, the first box with a list of violations, the other two boxes empty.

    Click the line that says "Counterfeits and Copyright Violations". Then the second box will have a menu of options to choose. Click the line that says "Potential Trademark Infringement". The third box will have a menu of options, now. Click the line that has the type of counterfeit item you are reporting, as seen here:


    Then click continue and you will be brought to this screen:


    Click the "Email Us" link. You will then be brought to this page:


    Click submit, and then you are done reporting a counterfeit item.

    Continue reading if this was not your problem.
  2. How To Report Stolen Pictures and Text

    Here I will show you how to report stolen pictures and text. You can report for stolen auction pictures and text, to website stolen pictures and text.

    First off. Click the "Report this item" link at the bottom of the auction.

    Secondly you will be brought to the menu page. Click the line that says, "Copy of your Listing". The second box opions will appear. Click the line that says "Report your picture or description was copied or linked without permission" OR "Someone copied text or pictures from another Web site or eBay user". The third box will tell you to click continue, as seen here:


    You will then be taken to this screen, where you will be asked for the item number (or website URL) and then in the bottom box, put what was copied:


    lick submit, and you're done.
  3. How To Report A Fraudulent Auction

    To report a fraudulent listing you come upon, no matter if you're just a passerby who sees an auction meant to defraud people, OR if you're a buyer who bought an item that was fraudulent.

    First, click the "Report This Item" link at the bottom of the auction.

    Next, you will be taken to the reporting menu. Click the line that says "Fraudulent listing (illegal seller demands, you didn't recieve item, etc.)". Next click the line that says "You suspect that a listing is fraudulent you didn't bid" OR "You paid but your item wasn't as described" OR "You paid but didn't recieve your item" OR "Shill bidding". Then click continue, as seen below:


    You will then be brought to the next screen which will be where you will follow the following prompts (BE SURE to enter all necessary information!!):


    Then click submit.

    Ebay will then follow up later via Ebay Message and Email about your report. They will then advise you what you need to do. If the report options, do not have what you are looking for, contact eBay Live Help on the eBay home page, as seen here:


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