Guide for rhinoplasty newbies


May 7, 2015
This is a guide for rhinoplasty newbies and people who (like me) are in search for revision rhinoplasty clinics:
Hope this helps

Step 1: Do your research!!!
I see a lot of people believing testimonials of other people about their experience in different clinics right away. Then they tend to put those clinics on their clinic short lists.
Do not get over-excited and think that just because a person posted results that you also are achieving to have, that you will get the same results. People have different face shapes and bone structures. Every case is different. These people may even be sponsored by those clinics. So the chances of you getting the same results are meh.

Step 1a: Write down at least 10 clinics you are considering going to
-Check if they your doctor is board certified:
Go to this website and click the english button on the right side and check.

or Go to this website:

Do you see a Dr. Jin Hong Ryul from Dr. Jin Premium Nose clinic?
No? Then he is not certified

-Check if your clinics are blacklisted:
Usually it is noted down on if the doctor is still in practice or not.
Go on google or different forums and see if there are any bad news articles written about this clinic. If there are then scratch it off your list. I did at least a month of research for each clinic that was written on my top 10 ten list.
I would dig up forums, searching for posts talking about that clinic (I usually went back till 2012).
If you spent less than 2 weeks doing so and just admiring the gorgeous before and after pictures and videos clinics post on theitr websites then you are clearly not doing your homework.

Step 1b: Want to up your game even more??
Research if your doctors are registered as a ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) Board member on:

or a member of the International Society of Plastic Surgery on:

I would definitely recommend these websites for those who are doing revision surgeries.

Step 2: Know your budget!!
Ever heard of the phrase: "you get what you pay for" ?
Well I had to learn it that hard way.

I will spare you all the arguments to prove my point and cut right down to the chase:

If you are doing primary then your budget shouldn't be less than 4000 USD.
If you are doing revisional then the minimum would be 6000 USD.

Step 2b: Contact your clinics

Download Kakao and Wechat.
Korean clinics usually use these messaging apps to be contacted
Write an E-mail as well.
Search on google, different forums or on the app Beautysocial for the clinics contact details.
Make a chart and write down how much those they charge.
Hint: Clinics usually charge more online than in person so do not be discouraged.

Pro tip: Learn korean.
I cannot stress enough how much learning Korean has helped me throughout my journey.
Some popular clinics do not have english websites or their english websites are limited.
If you know how to at least read Korean you can easily navigate your way through their websites and check out what Koreans say about those clinics in Korean forums. Knowing some Korean phrases also helps building a connection with your doctor and nurses. Plus if you love K-pop or K-drama this is a big bonus for you.

Step 3: Plan your trip
By now now you should have 3-4 clinics on your short list
Plan to stay in Korea for at least 14 days. (not including Covid quarantine time) This will give you ample time to visit the clinics for the first 2 days and schedule your surgery with the right clinic. In between your recovery you can also go sightseeing if you wish.
(note: You need 10 days to get all your stitches out).
I would recommend taking the taxi after getting your surgery done instead of taking public transportation. It is safer and almost the same price as public transportation, except for black taxis they are a tad bit expensive.
And I would also recommend getting surgery done during the cold season.
(If you live in a country with 4 seasons) Why?
Because the nose de-swells faster in cold temperatures.

Looking for a revision rhinoplasty clinic???
If your clinic does not mention anything about revision rhinoplasty or that they specialize on revision rhinoplasty on their homepage .
Then they are not even worth looking at!!!!

Like what I said on a different thread about knowing what type of surgery to get:
You have to know what you want and assess your nose shape thoroughly.
Every person is different.
Is your nose tip just bulbous? Then just do tipplasty.
Are your alars only flaring? Then just do alarplasty.
If your alars aren't that bad and you are planning on getting tipplasty already.
You probably don't need alarplasty. Your alars will naturally become narrow after getting your tip reduced.

You can check if you like the height of your bridge by taking a side-view picture.
If you like what you see then no need to change it. Less implants in your body, less risks of an infection.

I wrote my 2 cents on a different thread on types of implants I had and what implant I would recommend.

I wish you luck!!

Please do not ask me what clinics are on my short list.
It took almost two years to get my research done and find the right clinics.

3/4 of the clinics on my list are not even mentioned in this forum.
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May 7, 2015
Hey guys,
since I don't want you to make the same mistake I did and end up going to the wrong clinic
I will share now 3 of the clinics that made it on the top 5 list:
All the quotations they gave me are very reasonable.

These doctors are well known for rhinoplasty and revision:

Note: some of their websites have no english translation

Number 5:

Number 4:
sein ps
Dr. Se Hwee Hwang

Number 3: he is also good in eye revision

Hope it helps :smile:
I would appreciate it if you would leave a like
(I really worked hard on this list)
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Apr 13, 2020
Hi! Just wondering is there a reason you took out #2 clinic? Thank you by the way!


Apr 2, 2020
I never heard about those clinics before! Are you planning to hire a translator? I like watching korean dramas so I know few words but I cant speak korean. I'm interested in the clinics you listed but I'm not sure how I'm going to communicate if I go for the consultation.


May 7, 2015
Because all the clinics in this thread are catered to foreigners. I messaged all of those clinics in English and they replied to me in English. Last time I went to Korea, I was accompanied by a friend who was Korean. I realized that majority of the clinics speak English or will find a way to communicate with you (through online translator). Doctors certainly know how to speak English.


Nov 17, 2018
Anyone else have experience with any of the 3 clinics above? Interested to check them out but can't find any reviews about them - in English


Mar 5, 2021

I highly recommend DA.

I had Rhinoplasty including Osteotomy about 10 days ago, which was performed by Dr Seo at DA. From start-to-finish, it was a seamless experience. Highly professional and efficient staff who responded to my every need and question. I had several consultations with different hospitals in Seoul before deciding on DA and Dr Seo.

DA hospital is immaculate, comfortable, and modern (I was surprised to find that many others were not). I had a DA English-speaking consultant with me throughout the entire journey. They communicated very effectively on my behalf. Dr Seo took her time during the consultations, and I strongly felt that she was highly skilled, experienced, and intuitive, and a perfectionist. I trusted her and I am really pleased with my decision to do so. I have to also thank Ray at DA for being an amazing support and translator ^^

DA is very comfortable hospital. Honestly, everything was so efficient. I am really happy with my experience and am going back in a week's time to consult about breast augmentation.

Jessica (Caucasian female, 30s)