Guidance Please

  1. Ok Ladies .. I need help. I'm very close to owning my very first Chloe. Need some guidance though.

    I'm undecided between the Mousse Zippy, and the Blanc Sachtel.

    Wardrobe mainly consists of black -- with some brown, creams, and grey.

    Help Please!!!!!

    And no, I won't be able to explain to hubby that I got both.
  2. Oh that is a really tough choice. I love my mousse, so I tend to lean towards that, but which style do you like most? I will say this- Mousse goes with pretty much everything and it is super versatile.
  3. I ADORE the style of the Zippy -- even though I'm not sure what to put in the bottom section. Is it true what they say about the Mousse -- I've heard it's chamelon-like -- is it true? :drool:
  4. I would pick the Mousse.
  5. Both colors are gorgeous. One thing to keep in mind, if you wear alot of gold jewelry, the brass lock on the blanc would tie in nicely. The hw on the mousse is all silver so it goes great with silver jewelry. If matching jewelry and hw isn't an issue for you, then you are so normal and well adjusted!!:p I am one of those nuts that have to have all my hw and jewelry coordinated!:shame:
    I think both colors would go great with the clothing colors that you described.
  6. Well let's see .. I have a lot of gold, but don't wear it as much as I used to. I'm totally loving the silver hw. I think so far I'm leaning towards the Mousse -- but with summer around the corner, the Blanc would look soooo pretty.

    :sos: Decisions, decisions. Why oh why was I born a Pisces ?
  7. I would go mousse
  8. I love both colours but I sold my own Blanc paddy recently because I dare not use it in case it got dirty :sweatdrop: :push: - I still have and love my Mousse :love:

    If you are not as daft as I was about keeping the Blanc clean then it is a truly beautiful colour - if you are a worrier then I would say go for the Mousse :yes:
  9. :happydance: :happydance: Just found out I don't have to go to work untill tomorrow -- which basically means I now have more time for PF.

    Balchlfen -- you're right re the Blanc. I'm very anal, and I would probably put it on my nightstand so I can look at it at night and carry it with me around the house during the day, but be terrified to take her out.

    I'm thinking with the Mousse, I can actually put her in my other carry on, when I go to work, and use her on overnights. And not worry about her getting dirty.

    So.. Mousse it is ?
  10. Mousse. :yes:
  11. Mousse is a great choice! It's an amazing colour.
    Congrats on getting your very first Chloé!:yahoo:
  12. Thanks guys for all your input --- I guess from the overwhelming responces, Mousse it is.
  13. I'm going to say mousse too...i love the colour, it is very chameleon-like in that it 'changes' colour in different lighting situations, and with different outfits, too.:yes:

    Both colours would fit in perfectly with your wardrobe, but mousse won't show the 'dirt' as much as blanc, IMO.

    Can't wait to see pics!:yahoo:
  14. Chicky -- thank you for confirming the chameleon-like nuances of the Mousse. Does it truly appear different depending on indoor/outdoors etc? I've never seen it IRL --- but from the pics I've seen it looks divine.
  15. No probs!;)

    When you're outdoors, it appears to be more of a grey grey (though not at all wishy washy!)

    When you're inside, or under artificial light, it takes on more of the green/grey tinge that mousse is famous for.

    I've worn this with a grey jumper dress and it seems to look the same colour as that, yet when it's teamed with another colour, the green colour 'pops' more.:yes: Sort of like a multi-dimensional colour.
    I love the's so versatile!:jammin: