Guidance on leather

  1. Hi all - I'm really starting to contemplate trying to one day get a Birkin. Actually, I'm hoping to do it this summer when we go to Paris, since after reading up here it sounds much easier than trying to do it here, since I'd be at the San Francisco store. I'll have just had my first baby a few months before, so I think I'll deserve the treat!!

    So, I'm starting to mentally decide what I like, after going through lots of the reference pictures. So far, I believe I want 35 cm, regular Birkin (not HAC or JPG), black or graphite (since it's my first one, I want something that I'll be able to carry all the time), palladium hw. I'm still a bit unsure regarding leather. I like the smoother leathers more than I like the textured ones like Togo or Clemence. So, from my looking, I think I want Box Calf or possibly Swift. Any advice on one vs. the other of these? Any others I should be looking at? Thank you so much!

    Oh, and another question -- does the interior leather have to be the same as the exterior? I've seen a lovely dark brown (I think Ebene) w/cyclamen interior, and would love to have something like that! But, I'm nervous enough about whether I'll be able to get a Birkin at all, let alone something that's not normally done.
  2. Well...first of all congrats on making such an important decision! You have definitely come to the right place, there are plenty of experts here that will be able to guide your purchase. Box is beautiful and light in weight, but it is more susceptible to showing scratches but these will blend away beautifully over time when it patinas. It will also be a more structured leather than Swift. I would say to get Box because it is so classic H, but other people will be able to give you opinions as well. Also for the can get it with a different color but typically these are special orders or podium orders where people specify that they want something different. If you want to just walk into a store and get one, you will typically find them with the same color as the exterior unless someone who placed a special order passed. I hope that helps, and I'm sure other people will be able to give you more information!
  3. ^ He gave some great advice. I don't think that you'll have a problem scoring a bag in Paris. I do agree that you'll have a far easier time there than at SF.

    As for leathers, all four choices are quite lovely. Good luck!
  4. I personally love box leather, but they are tough to come by nowadays unless it's a Special Order (SO). I've been desperate for a black box birkin and my store finally just SO'd it for me. I've seen swift birkins with a fair amount of frequency, so that one should be easier to get. Good luck with your hunt!!