Guidance needed for Hermes

  1. I am new to tpf and just love it and am thrilled that there are people like me around.
    I need help. An opportunity for a 35 cm box birkin presented itself to me. It's used and in very good condition.
    I need guidance from all of you.
    What is a fair price for this bag?
    How does the leather wear? I live in a climate with rain, snow, sleet, etc. and want to actually use and enjoy this bag. I don't want to be afraid to carry it. I do take care of my bags and will continue to do so, but with the amount of money I'll go into debt for if I go forward with this purchase, I want to be sure I will use it and not just sit and admire it.
    Your comments will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you all.
  2. Just wanted to say welcome! :yahoo:
    Box is a gorgeous leather. It's not the best for bad weather though. I'm sure others here who have bags in box can give you more details. :tup:
  3. I can't comment on price, but I live in Minnesota, so I have had to do some research regarding leathers that are best for ever-changing weather!

    Unfortunately, box is not going to be the best bet. It is beautiful, but can blister in rain or snow. The good news is that it can be restored by Hermes!

    I have bags in togo, clemence, chevre and fjord. They have all been wonderful in the rain and snow and might be a better bet for you!
  4. Thank you all for your feedback.
    That's what I thought. If this opportunity didn't cross my path and if I didn't just love the look of box, I wouldn't even entertain it. And yes I have other bags I can use in bad weather, though not hermes. Since this has been my dream bag for years, I want to use it and have it more than hermes has it for restoration!
    What else will give me the smooth look of the box?
  5. For smoother leathers that are decent in rain and snow, you might want to consider Swift. It's a newer leather, and not as shiny or smooth as Box, but then nothing really is. It has a slight grain to it, but it is really luscious and has a silky look. It is a much less grainy texture then Togo, Clemence, Fjord, etc.
  6. I think box is beautiful but I can't comment on the price. I do think that box may be a bit dainty for the type of weather you are talking about having to deal with.

    Let us know what you decide and welcome to the forum!!! :tup: