guestion for owners of damier speedy and vernis framboise wallet/agenda

  1. I have a damier speedy and I just got a vernis framboise agenda...I'm afraid to put it in there without the dustbag, because I'm afraid the lining will rub off onto the vernis. Does anyone have any advice on this? The agenda is so cute and I hate that its in the dustbag and I cant see it when I look in my bag...:hysteric:
  2. I have a framboise french purse that I used inside my Damier Speedy before. My wallet has no color transfer from the lining of my speedy on it. Still looks new.
  3. I have the Damier Speedy and when I first got it had some pink transfer on to a Coach suede wristelt. I kept the Speedy and have put my Framboise agenda in it with no problems.