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  1. We have a ton of them ............Come on we dont bit ....Register

    Just a PF Plug ...........;)

    I love this place ............
  2. Wow what ring is your avatar??

    I want it for MY finger!!!
  3. i was just thinking the same thing - come on guests, we'd love to have you! we're not mean to newbies like some boards, we want you here :biggrin:

  4. I know nice right i been recking my brain trying to remember where i got it from , so i tell my BF i want it :shame:
  5. Megs/vlad And All My Fellow Handbag Addicts Thank You With All My Heart For Making Me Feel So Welcomed
    Lots Of Love Shar
  6. I agree, there are pages of guests viewing...JOIN PEOPLE! :biggrin:
  7. No kidding, so many lurkers around... register, it won't hurt, I promise.

  8. Yeesh ... this has me REALLY concerned!!! Those of us who have posted pictures of our "goodies" could have them stolen/used by people that are just lurking around.

    Vlad, can we prevent people from copying the images?
  9. Bump

    I see more and more Logined in :smile:

  10. Easiest would be to watermark them yourself before you put them up. I might take some time this weekend and wm them manually.
  11. Vlad - how do you watermark? Do I need a special program?