Guesss Carries... THE perfect pump?

  1. Hi and Happy New Year Everyone!

    Just got 2 more pair of Guess Carrie pumps for Christmas. I think these are like THE perfect pump!

    Anyone else agree?
  2. I haven't seen them. Can you post a picture? I looove shoes!:love:
  3. OMG, those are perfect! And not super expensive, either! They have so many colors to chose from! Too bad they don't have size 10 in stock. Maybe they'll get some more?
  4. Super cute!!!!! I love that red!:happydance:
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. I bought those from Zappos and returned them. They weren't the perfect pump IMO.
  7. anyone else have these? i'm thinking of getting a pair. comfy?
  8. i just bought a pair and today is the first day i am wearing far they are super comfy!
  9. OMG these are so cute. also what a huge color selection.
  10. wow i need to get a pair then. they also got great comfy reviews in Zappos
  11. What do you wear with them? I have a pair of strikingly similar black pumps - and save them for fancy occasions like weddings, etc. Can they go casual? And what with? Hmm...maybe I'll make a seperate post for this..
  12. they go with everything: jeans, skirt, capris

    you can wear them to work.

    they're perfect for jeans since they're so high
  13. I tried these on due to raves here on the TPF but I really didn't think they were so great. There are comfier ones out there. The shape is sexy, though.
  14. i think it depends on the shape of your feet - i tried on some CL simple pumps yesterday and they were NOT nearly as comfy as my guess carries, which i can actually walk around all day at work in and not really feel much pain (a rarity for me, the girl who always wears flip flops).