guessing game - which skin is this?

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  1. This Bolide is *exactly* like my vintage gold Bolide - same smooth handles, same very slight texture and sheen, same color, same contrast stitch - what skin is this? Any guesses?

    The other odd thing about my Bolide is it's lined in the same leather as the outside - it's not the ultra soft skin, agneau...

    I don't know enough, but this just doesn't look like gulliver/swift to me....or is it??

    I have a question in to the seller, maybe her Mom will remember. Do you guys know?

    TIA! :flowers:

    this is a good closeup of the interior, which is the same leather as the exterior:


    mysteryskin1.jpg mysteryskin2.jpg mysteryskin3.jpg mysteryskin5.jpg
  2. It does look like swift to me but I am no expert.
  3. Wow......this is a GOOD question. At first I would have said Porc but with closer inspection I'm pretty sure it's not. It's not Barenia either.....could it be Chamonix? hmmmmmm.......where's HG.......
  4. SUS I was thinking the same thing but it's a pretty rigid bag, KWIM? I think if it was Swift it would be more
  5. ^^^that's what I think too, S'Mom...mine is SUPER rigid.

    Thanks, S'Mom, Sus....I have a chamonix Bolide, and it's so smooth....smoother than this gold one. Hermesgroupie thought long ago it was gulliver/swift, but I have swift and have never seen any texture on swift.

    Sus, have you seen swift with lots of bumps, a grain?

    Does anyone have the old gulliver skin with a very slight grain?
  6. You're right it would be more squishy.
    Chamonix is smoother too.
    It is a mystery leather. Help! Where's Hermesgroupie??
  7. HG and i were talking about swift/gulliver with claude at madison, and apparently sometimes it has grain and sometimes it doesn't.
  8. OOOOOO........How about Buffalo???????? I think it might be Buffalo!
  9. Man.......I gotta stay off the coffee this morning..........
  10. I thought Buffalo had a lot more visible grain though?
    My guess is Chamonix or, well, Box.
  11. Thank you guys! No, it's not box, I lurrvvveee box and it's def not box.

    DQ, have you ever seen gulliver with a grain? Someone must be out there who has...and, did they line their gulliver Bolides with gulliver in the late 80s early 90s?

    Does anyone know for sure?

  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::drinks:
  13. Yes, I have seen Gulliver with a very large grain, in fact, it was one of DQ's bags.

    This is a Bolide, so it can be constructed both mou and rigide, so even if it were Gulliver, it would still be stiff in the rigide construction, because they use an extra layer of leather to help it keep its shape.
  14. In the 4th pic in the e-bay ad, why is the made in France stitched over on the strap?
  15. I think it's Gulliver.