Guessing game - what new spys have I ordered?

  1. I have just ordered 2 new spys, would anyone like to try and guess what they are?

    My friends, Deco, Olga and Fendigrl, I am afraid you cannot play, as you know what they are:roflmfao: sorry........
  2. Hmm... I guess the new Blueberry?
  3. I would have said Blueberry but I think you think it is too close to the Petrol so mmm not sure - put us out our misery! I bet they are going to be goodies!
  4. Not telling:sneaky: but its not blueberry
  5. Is it the green spy that you always wanted?? LOL..
    My other bet would be the honey..

  6. Sweetea I wish it was the green spy I would be screaming all over the PF if I got that.......LOL:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    and its not the honey, as already have the Honey Wisteria, good guess though
  7. OMG:wtf: spyS not a spy :drool:

    OMGGG ... im sure they r 3 of the LE ones posted earlier :graucho:

    :drool: cant wait to see the eye candy :drool:
  8. I think its a bubbly cognac! Perhaps a black too.....
  9. Hi Nizlay, my friend - sorry no not right but will give you a clue you are a little bit right.

    Plus my new spys has now gone down to one new spy :crybaby: for now anyway. (Long story will not bore you) try guessing again
  10. Could it be you found another super bubbly petrol to replace the one you sold!!!

    By the way, have you seen the blueberry? What do you think? Too similar to the petrol?
  11. No not another Petrol, yes do not think I shall be getting the Blueberry as to much like the Petrol, in fact I really cannot tell the difference in colour mabe if I saw one in really if it was a Blueberry Wisteria would snap that up that would be so lovely. Nizlay that Wisteria is out of this world really beautiful
  12. Saich, I'm guessing it has to be another jaw-dropping spy. Maybe a metallic?
  13. Saich, could it be the colourful sequined cognac? but whatever it is I know one thing for sure, both must be really really bubbly.
  14. :sneaky::whistle: :popcorn:

  15. Deco, you crack me up, its no good you cannot play:graucho:

    and no its not the sequin Cognac