Guessing game... Hmmmnnnn.....

  1. Can you guess the brand? :graucho: This is one of the best sunnies I'd ever owned. Well?
  2. Hm. Can we get a hint? lol. Are they designer or "brand name" (like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Gap, etc.)?
  3. Oliver Peoples?
  4. Gucci?, prada? Kate spade? Give it up!!! lol
  5. Exactly what I thought... but... ehh...
  6. Super Duppas!
  7. Im guessing Oliver Peoples too.
  8. Yup they're da bomb.. supa dupa price too..
  9. Unbelievable price! Looks fabulous on you!
  10. Unbelievable price! And you look gorgeous with the sunglasses too. Congrats on the great find! :flowers:
  11. My favourite pair of Sunglasses cost $14 cnd from Le Chateau. I get asked a lot where I got them, people are always shocked when I tell them.
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