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  1. Valid through March 7...Enjoy!!!

    Guess Factory: Home
  2. thank you! i didnt even know this website exsisted
  3. Um..Is this website safe? I mean with credit cards. Sorry, just that I have never heard of this site.
  4. Basically Guess Factory is THE Guess Outlets so it's a real store. u can google it if u want. u can usually find one of these @ a Outlet Mall place or inside a mall. I'm in Nor Cal and we have a couple here (becuz of the outlet malls in Milpitas, Gilroy, etc etc)

    and if you notice, the website links back to and the layouts are the same as and :smile:

    as for ccs, i have bought stufft offa there and it's been fine. it's the same as (i bought stufft offa there too)

    and I LOVE IT!!! hehe buy cheaper Guess? clothes there all the time (maybe not as stylish as the expensive Guess clothes, but buy the basics @ GuessFactory is better) and they gives out Holiday coupons/codes as well
  5. thanks!
  6. wow I also did not know of this website but its a great place! Thanks!