Guesses on new "bug" bags?

  1. Ok so 2 summers ago I got the ladybug hobo, ladybug leather keychain, and matching green Ciara II shoes (plain, no ladybug on them).
    Last year I got the white bee flap bag.

    Any guesses on what the "bug" bag will be this summer (if any) ??
    For some reason I hate bugs but LOVE LOVE LOVE those bug bags!!

    I hope it's a dragonfly on a turquoise optic C bag... or maybe a butterfly on tangerine colored... Either way whatever it is.. it will be mine :yahoo:
  2. Dragonflies and butterflies sound cute - hope you're right! I have the ladybug keychain from two years ago and I love it.
  3. I love the ladybug series...I sold my Ladybug bag :sad:
  4. I would flip if they had a dragonfly!!! I think that would be super cute with a yellow, turquoise, or orange!! :yes:

  5. The ladybug hobo was my first Coach bag. I don't think I could ever part with it. :love: I love the color and the bugs are amazingly cute. Got the Ciara green optic shoes much later on clearance at Off 5th but haven't had a chance to wear them together..

    Bring on more cute bug bags Coach! :heart:
  6. I was going to buy the Coach SoHo White Optic Signature Small Flap Bag with Bee Applique... and it was even at the low price of 100 dollars.... i just couldn't do it, it was too small, and i felt like the white optic would have been hell for me to keep clean hehe.....

    i HOPE HOPE HOPE a dragonfly!~ tangarine, orange or a nice different aqua or blue would be GREAT too! i can't wait to see what they come up with!