1. Heya..

    Anyone have any/like Guess purses? I'm only 14 and have at least 10 lol :love:

    Whats your favourite/what do you have? I'm liking the Corinne at the moment!

  2. I just bought a Black croc Guess bag, I never had one before but I really love it! I think the name Gramercy, I think!
  3. I have one Guess bag from back in high school (2000) it was the tote with the graffiti letters saying Guess. Ever since then, havent been back at that store
  4. My very first purse was made by Guess and still remains my favourite of my Guess purses. I believe the year was 1998 when it came out and I got it. It's small and dark denim with a big rhinestone buckle. I love its simplistic beauty. Guess is too over-the-top for my liking nowadays, but I have 4 all together from when I used to love them.
  5. I have joined this site in search of the Guess Gramercy purse in hot pink. I want it more than I have ever wanted anything EVER!
  6. I bought a red one but it isn't big enough for all my stuff so I rarely use it but it's nice.
  7. i've never owned one but i've purchased them to give to my niece and friends' daughters as gifts.
  8. I'm currently using using a black guess medium sized wallet. Quite like it as it's easy to maintain and can store many cards and bills.
  9. Normally, Guess bags are too flashy for me, but I actually spotted one I like at Macy's the other day. It was a satin clutch that had Pucci-esque print on it. Very modern looking. I though It would really "pop" if paired with a neutral colored outfit and a pair of shoes in one of the colors in the print.
  10. I have a small one. Denim with 4 interlinked G's as a motif. I know it's the style copy of the LV denim line, but I actually like this one better than the LV! The hardware on it is also really beautiful..
  11. i am in love with guess but i like the older bags i have yet to see a newer bag that would go with me or that i like