Guess who's stealing pictures?

  1. oh wow.......I really wish there was something we could do about this kind of thing....I really do........
  2. Yucks! :rant: Is Vermillion a rare colour?
  3. What a shame!
  4. When I find the time, I usually report these suspicious auctions to eBay Safe Harbor. It doesn't always work but if enough people report eBay usually removes the auction! The sad thing is that this seller is taking full advantage of her 100% feedback record, which makes it very difficult for truly reputable sellers with a long history of selling the real deal! :rant:
  5. Isn't that the pictures our forum member posted here to inform us availablity of a Vermillon Kelly? Oh, my God, UNBELIEABLE!!!:mad: :yucky: :rant:

    It is indeed the exactly the same pictures jag posted!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. HOW:mad: does a seller like that get 100% good feedback? they sell nice toiletpaper on line for 100 years?:shocked: can feedback be artificially created?
  7. This seller also has an auction of the Kelly Sport that jag mentioned, if you can believe that--BUT, jag didn't post pics of that bag here...

    Avandome, I looked at the seller's other merchandise and she specializes in novelty cardigans, which is most likely how she built up her feedback record on eBay.

    As for artifically creating feedback, it can be done. I haven't researched this seller to see if she's done any shill bidding but many unscrupulous sellers will use multiple eBay ID's to bid on and "win" items from their "main" ID. This way they can leave themselves "positive" feedback! Incredible, huh?
  8. :mad: shame on her due to bahaviour like that i am scared to death of using ebay
  9. Grrrrrrr.....makes me sick! I'm going to report her to Ebay safe harbor also. I am so :mad: thinking that this person was in the forum stealing these pics!!!!!
  10. This person also has a croc Birkin with diamonds for sale at $129,000?!?! and it says Black, but the pics are of a brown one and a black one? shoot me.........
  11. I understand how this seller's game works now. I had noticed her Blue Jean Bolide yesterday and was shocked at the price.

    Like Jag, I too shop in Troy and had seen the Kelly sport (love the shape, thought the color wasn't very appealing) along with a 37cm Rouge Vif Bolide in Clemence for $5300. (I thought long and hard about that one.)

    Then I saw the Blue Jean Bolide on eBay - also 37cm and in Clemence! But for $7,499! Or $2200 more than retail. I guess the seller needs to cover the sales tax, pay off whoever she enlists to pick it up for her and ship to her, plus make a profit.

    Entirely legal, I guess. But awful, and probably against eBay rules as I believe that you can only sell stuff that actually belongs to you. I hope Jag tells Lisa about this seller. I will mention it to my SA too.
  12. If Vlad has access to detailed IP logs, he might be able to see who copied the photo. Let's hope!
  13. was this photo not watermarked?
    I really wish everyone would only post watermarked photos. :sad:
  14. The photo was sent to jag by a sales associate at N-M. It really wasn't hers to watermark under copyright laws.