Guess who's goin....

  1. to the freeport outlet tomorrowwww!?

    :yahoo:MEEEE! :yahoo:

    i just called to see if they were open on sundays and the VERY precious lil lady on the phone said yes i said... you guys are fabulous! she said, yes we are, we're open all day tomorrow, and are having fabulous sales! i said OMG girlfriend shut up you're going to make me spend ALL my money! i'll see you tomorrow! "okay great see you then!" she replied.

    god i love me some coach ladies.

    2 hours is NOT too many hours to drive in my NEW car to get some coach love.

    im on an accessory hunt tomorrowwwwwwwwww!
  2. Hooray for ViciousBliss!!:woohoo:
    I drive nearly 3 hours to go to my outlet but I also think it's worth it.:biggrin:
  3. :woohoo: yay!
  4. Fun! Have a great time and a safe trip. Can't wait to see what accessories you get!!
  5. oo:huh:ooo if i sell my wilsons leather rainbow hobo and matching wallet tomorrow i might get more than anticipated!~
  6. im like waaaay excited!! road trip to the outlets.. WOOT WOOT!!
  7. Hi Mr. Dooney! Never seen a dude on tPF should post more so we can get the male pov!
  8. yay! i might be going to the outlet in atlantic city tomorrow so we'll be on a similar mission haha. hope you have fun!

    oh, and sale? like for memorial day? that would be pretty much amazing.

  9. thats what the cute coachie chick told me on the phone "we have fabulous SALES" she said. sales being the key word. PLURAL sale. oh yes.

    i'm so mad gayman lost the damn battery charger... i will have to get some disposables and show off goodies, and loverly things i got in the mail...


    a 25 dollar visa vanilla card that i will be USING AT THE OUTLET TOMORROW! THANKS JILL I :love: YOU!

  10. i always tell him to post more... he never listens.

    i bet if you guys sent him Private messages he wouldn't forget hehe...

    he checks up on TPF often, but doesn't post.


    he'll :love: it hehe, ooo:huh:ooo attention for him! lmao

    gotta :love: the gayman!
  11. ^^i have merch. credit i willl be putting to use^^

    i love feeling like i'm not spending money (even though i am lol)
  12. you should thank jill, gayman. we would not be going at all if i didn't have this 25 dollhair gift card. oo:huh:ooo, we must buy something at Harry & Davids... muahaha... wanna check out Burberry and Banana republic for sh*ts and giggles?????

  13. it's more fun for sure ;) lol!

    i can't WAIT to drive there in SUCH beautiful weather with my NEW car! omg

  14. So jealous.....wish I could hit up an outlet this weekend......
  15. well if it makes you feel better, the only funds i can spend are the 25 dollar Vanilla Visa gift card from jill, and if i sell this wilsons leather set to my friend Katie, i will have an extra 50 bucks. other than that, i got 25 bucks to my name.

    i just go to drool mostly, and plan a future purchase that won't end up happening. i really go to find bargains. i found my black signature gallery double pocket pouch that i WANTED on a WHIM last time i went! i had it in gold and khaki already and MAGICALLY found this almost 200 dollar piece of coach craftwork for 39.99! i almost died right there i was so happy. i left and went to the dooney store, and when i came back there was only ONE. i freaked and bought it immediately LOL.

    :love: i love shopping.

    when my TPF life gets to that special time, and i can apply to the MP, i will sell some stuff and go COACH CRAZY at the outlet. just watch lol... i'm awful.